How To Prevent The Instagram Account From Being Hacked
How To Prevent The Instagram Account From Being Hacked

Friends, you must have heard about Instagram. There will be many people who also use Instagram. Instagram is a very popular platform. Instagram uses by a lot of people, a lot of famous people also use it. You can share your photo video on Instagram and many other

things that you can do on Instagram. Similarly, you also use Instagram and you are upset about one thing. You must be thinking that my account may not get hacked. If you are upset with this thing then you do not need to be upset anymore. Because I will tell you how you can save your account from being hacked. You can save your account. (Instagram hacked)

So if you want to know, then read this article carefully and you will be able to understand only till the last. Because inside this article, I will explain to you step by step in the whole detail so that you understand.


Enable 2-factor Authentication.

Now always keep in mind one thing Always keep 2-factor Authentication enabled in your Instagram account, so what will happen is that whenever you log in to your Instagram on any device, first an OTP will come on your mobile. Whoever will log in to your Instagram,

first thing they will know is OTP, then only they can log in to your Instagram, then if you use this thing then you can save a lot of your Instagram account. No one can hack your Instagram account. So you should always take care of this thing.

Create a strong password.

There are many people who keep their names or keep their numbers and some others create very easy passwords. Because of this, anyone who attacks with such a password can easily guess. And hacks our Instagram in a very easy way. So the first thing that we have

to take care of this thing is that if you do not create a strong password then your account can be hacked, then always keep this thing in mind. If you keep the password of your name, then you add something in front of your name or put a number or #, this will not let people know.

Always logout.

Many times this will also happen to you when you log in to your Instagram on a friend’s mobile but you forget to log out. What happens is that he can read any of your own message chats. So if he gets to know your personal thing, then always keep in mind that you log in on any device. You must also log out of your account.

Do not click any link.

The most commonly used method of hacking is that an attacker creates a phishing page that looks similar to the same Instagram login page. And he sends us a link to the same page and clicks on what we do. And somehow he takes make loading the page and log in to the page then runs our user’s know the name and password attacker. This can also hack your account, so always keep this thing in mind and do not click on any unknown link.

Do not talk to an unknown person more.

Many times it happens that an unknown person you do not know and sends you a friend request and you accept and start talking to him slowly, then that person gets important information like your mobile number, date of birth interest Let’s do it. And with this, he can easily hack your account, so always keep this thing in mind.

You remained the only thing that can save your Instagram account from being hacked, so you must have understood this article.

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