WhatsApp Detailed Reaction info
WhatsApp Detailed Reaction info

WhatsApp is working on detailed reaction info feature for WhatsApp beta Android, iOS and desktop users. According to the reports in this update the Meta owned platform is developing a feature which will let users view reaction info in details for automatic albums. News on message reactions has been around for a while.

The platform is constantly testing and upgrading this feature with new specifications. Just few days back the platform has rolled out the ability to react to messages in steps to all WhatsApp users. Now it is ready with one more update which expands the same feature. To know details about this new update go through this post till the end.

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According to the report of leading WhatsApp new source WABetaInfo, WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for the update after which you will be able to react to your messages using any emoji. Recently the instant messaging app rolled out the reaction feature which allows you to share your emotions on text messages, photographs and videos instantly.

WhatsApp’s Detailed Reaction Info feature

It is well known that currently you can react with only 6 different emojis. This recent beta update is reportedly working on another different feature of the same functionality. Presently it is not possible to view which particular photo or video has received a reaction without opening the automatic album. But as per the report after this update you will be able to do so.

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The WhatsApp news tracker WABetaInfo has also released a screenshot of the feature. The screenshot reveals the difference between the present version of the feature and the one available after the future update. While you have to open the album to see which particular media has received the reaction. The future version of the app will let you see detailed reaction info by displaying media file thumbnail in future.

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However the screenshot has been taken from WhatsApp beta for iOS. But as per reports the similar feature will rollout for WhatsApp beta Android and WhatsApp desktop users too. This feature will be helpful as you won’t have to go through each image to see how people have reacted.

The feature is currently under development process so it is not available to beta testers. The final release date is also not yet known. As soon as there is any further updates about this feature you will get information through a new post. Till then stay tuned with us to discover all the latest news and developments.

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