WhatsApp web phone number
WhatsApp web phone number

WhatsApp, the leading messaging platform, is introducing an exciting update that will revolutionize how users access their accounts.

With the upcoming WhatsApp login via phone number feature for WhatsApp Web, users will enjoy enhanced convenience and accessibility.

In this article, we will delve into the details of this latest login update, exploring its implications and benefits.


The Convenience of WhatsApp Web

It has become an indispensable tool for users who desire seamless communication across multiple devices.

With the new WhatsApp login via phone number feature, this convenience will be taken to the next level.

Users can effortlessly log in to WhatsApp Web using their phone number, eliminating the need for repetitive QR code scanning.

It has been confirmed in WhatsApp Beta for Android version update.

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WhatsApp for Web Login: The Current Process

Currently, logging in to WhatsApp Web requires users to scan a QR code using their mobile app.

While this method has proven reliable, it can be cumbersome for users who frequently switch between devices.

The upcoming WhatsApp login via phone number feature addresses this inconvenience by providing a simpler and more efficient login process.

Introducing Phone Number Login for WhatsApp Web Support

WhatsApp’s latest update introduces phone number login for WhatsApp Web, allowing users to access their accounts without the hassle of QR code scanning.

With this new feature, users can log in using their phone number and verify their identity through a unique verification code.

How to Login to WhatsApp through Phone Number: Link Your Account to WhatsApp Using Your Phone Number

Go to WhatsApp Web and Tap the “Link with Phone Number” Option

To log in to WhatsApp through your phone number, start by visiting the WhatsApp Web platform.

Look for the option that says “Link with phone number” and click on it. This will initiate the process of linking your WhatsApp account to WhatsApp Web.

Enter Your 10-Digit Phone Number on WhatsApp Web

Once you have clicked on the “Link with phone number” option, you will be prompted to enter your 10-digit phone number associated with your WhatsApp account.

Type in your phone number accurately, ensuring there are no errors.

Receive and Enter the Unique 8-Digit Code

After entering your phone number on WhatsApp, you will receive a unique 8-digit code. Switch to your Android device where your WhatsApp account is active, and open the WhatsApp app.

Look for the Prompt and Click “Confirm”

On your Android device, you will notice a notification with the prompt “Are you trying to link a device?” Tap on “Confirm” to proceed with the linking process. This step confirms that you are authorizing the connection

Between your WhatsApp account and WhatsApp Web

Enter the Code on Your Android Device:

Following the confirmation, you will be directed to a page where you need to enter the code you received on WhatsApp Web. Type in the code accurately and click “Enter” or “Confirm.”

You’re Done! Your WhatsApp Account is Linked to WhatsApp Web:

Once you have successfully entered the code on your Android device, your WhatsApp account will be linked to WhatsApp Web. You can now access your WhatsApp chats, messages, and media files on your computer or laptop.

The Implications of Phone Number Login

The introduction of phone number login for WhatsApp Web has far-reaching implications.

It streamlines the login process, making it accessible to a wider range of users who may struggle with QR code scanning.

Additionally, this feature enables quick access to WhatsApp Web, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across devices.

Enhanced Security Measures

Ensuring user privacy and security is a top priority for WhatsApp. The phone number login feature reinforces the platform’s commitment to safeguarding user data.

During the login process, users will receive a unique verification code on their registered phone number, further strengthening account security and mitigating unauthorized access.


In conclusion, the upcoming WhatsApp login via phone number feature for WhatsApp Web represents a significant advancement in user convenience and accessibility.

By eliminating the need for QR code scanning, WhatsApp is providing a smoother and more efficient login experience.

With enhanced security measures in place, users can confidently embrace this latest update and enjoy seamless communication through WhatsApp.



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