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What is Zoom Cloud Meetings App And How to use .


Friends, today I am going to tell you about such an app. The app you might not know about. If you use that app, then you will be very happy and enjoy it, you will think that I should have known about the app first. The Zoom Meetings App is an application that helps you a lot in group video calling. You can have a video calling meeting with 100 people at a time. Using this application, people who work sitting at home or any of their companions live in different cities.

People who cannot be found using it, this app has the facility of live group video chat. Very good in which group chat is very easy to talk. We all know that whenever there is trouble with someone, then big companies start seeing their benefits first. In the same way, this application has also started seeing its benefits very much.

Let me tell you about this app. How can you use and download this app?


How to download Zoom App?

Downloading the zoom app is very easy. For this, you will have to go to Google Play Store and search Zoom Cloud Meeting App. As soon as you do this search, you will find the application at the top and you can download it. After downloading, you can create your account. If you do not know how to create an account, then we are also going to give you this information. If you cannot download this app from the Play Store, then you can download it by clicking on the link given below.


How to create a zoom meeting account?

As soon as you download this app and open it, you come across some options. If a meeting is already going on, you can directly join the direct meeting or you can also create your own account to create an account.

Sign up.

As you click on the signup option. A new paste opens in front of you where you need to give some information. Such as Gmail account, first name, last name, ETC.

After filling all this information, click on I Agree to & cond service below as soon as you click on Continue. Similarly, a new page opens in front of you, where it is said that a verification link has been added to your Gmail account, which will have to be verified in your account, you can verify your account by opening your Gmail.

As soon as you verify your account by mail. A new page opens in front of you. If you set your password, then you keep passwords that you can remember easily and you can log in anytime. And then as soon as you set your password. You can go to your application and log in to your account.

How to use the zoom app?

Using the Zoom app is very easy. You can use and use this app very easily. As soon as your Zoom account is log in. Some options appear in front of you. Such as

New meeting.

If you want to meet someone, then an option will appear in front of you, you can start your meeting by joining people by clicking on it. In which you can add your team member or your student. Whichever you want, you can add your meeting here and talk to him.

Note: So you can use the Zoom Meetings App and talk to anyone by adding it. If you can talk to a lot of friends by adding them, then you hope or you have liked the article. If you like it then share it like Facebook Twitter etc.




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