Twitter rolling out Branded Likes
Twitter rolling out Branded Likes

Twitter is rolling out Branded Likes to let brands briefly replace Like button with animations. According to the available reports this feature will soon be available to the users of United kingdoms, United States, Saudi Arabia and Japan. This feature is designed to allow business users to transform like button into customized artworks that will reflect their brands.

The popular Social Media Giant Twitter has just announced about a new blogging feature called Twitter Notes. Now it is ready with a new feature to help its business users grow their business through the platform.

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Twitter rolling out new Branded Likes to let brands replace Like button

The in-demand microblogging app Twitter is turning the Like button into customized artworks. The platform has launched this new way for advertisers to reflect their brands. This will help their customers drive in brand engagement. This new feature is visible as an add-on to Twitter’s Timeline.

So, when you open the app for the first time on any given day the brand’s advertisement will show up first. The platform will allow advertisers to select a hashtag that would go with their branded likes. Additionally the platform also offers 10 translations of that hashtag. When any user hits the like button, the customized animation appears on any organic or promoted tweets having the hashtag.

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The branded likes will be visible for up to 24 hours then it will disappear automatically. According to a Twitters blogpost the company has worked with creative partners to create these animations. Those partners are Bare Tree Media of U. K., U.S, Saudi Arabia and Carbon of Japan. Twitter further mentions that during testing period the company has found this feature appealing and successful.

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However the report further mentions that though the branded likes are just add-ons they might be expensive for most brands. But the company claims that the feature is ideal for a movie/series premiere, big conference, New product release or global sports event.

At present there is no news on when this feature will be released in other countries. You will get information as there is any update regarding more specifications of this feature and other upcoming developments. Till then stay tuned with us.

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