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YouTube testing a new feature – Premium Subscription to watch videos in 4K


YouTube is testing a new feature that asks free users to upgrade to a premium subscription for watching videos in 4K. According to the available reports, the platform has been notifying its users that to watch videos in 4K quality they have to be paying subscribers. You all must be knowing that YouTube is a very popular online video-sharing social media platform.

It is the second most visited website owned by Google. This platform helps people to grow their creativity. You can watch share comments and even upload your own videos on the platform. Discover what new the platform is including to help the YouTube committee thrive, in this article.

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YouTube Premium subscription feature to watch videos in 4K

Rumors that YouTube may soon limit 4K videos only to its premium members have been cycling around for a while. As per the available reports some Twitter and Reddit users have reported about this through their posts. According to them, YouTube has been notifying non-premium users that to watch videos in 4K quality they have to be paying YouTube premium subscribers.

This means that to be able to stream in 4K quality the free YouTube plan users have to upgrade to a premium plan. At present only iOS YouTube users have reported this change. But it is expected that YouTube users of another platform will also see this change soon.

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In a shared image by a Twitter user, you can see that in this new change the platform will add a small ‘premium’ banner under the 4K quality videos. However, the other quality options will remain available for all nonpremium members. Although it is still not known if the platform will actually roll out this feature or is just testing it for now.

YouTube subscription costs

Currently, a YouTube premium subscription in India costs Rs. 129 per month. This plan comes with an auto-renewal system, one free trial month, and access to YouTube music. This plan also offers you ad-free videos, background playback, PiP support, and the ability to download videos for offline watching.

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There is also Rs.139 plan that comes without an auto-renewal system. The quarterly subscription plan is available at Rs.399 and the annual at Rs.1290. The company has been trying to push this premium subscription feature to users for quite some time.

While this just might be a way for the company to create revenue but if this new restriction is actually applied it will make make a large number of YouTube users unhappy. For more information on all tech, updates keep following us.

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