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YouTube Test New Hum to Search Feature on Android


Google’s video platform which comes with all smartphones, YouTube has been consistently serving the best features for their users. Now YouTube is set to launch their hum to search feature for Android users. It is built to make video searches smoother and more convenient for Indian users.

Unveiling the Hum to Search Feature

YouTube’s upcoming hum-to search feature is under development and being tested for limited Android users.

By developing such a feature YouTube wants to offer a fresh way to search videos effortlessly.


This feature allows users to sing or hum the video or song they’re searching for two or three seconds.

This feature simplifies the search process and lets users search videos without touching the keypad.

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How Does the “Hum to Search” Feature Work?

Imagine, if you hum a song for just two to three seconds to get exact results, how would you feel? Amazing, Right? YouTube’s new development for this feature has been set to serve you the same.

By providing users with an effortless way to search by humming, YouTube has set a new benchmark.

Whether you’re humming the latest Bollywood hit or a classic regional melody, the feature strives to understand and deliver relevant results.

You just need to push the voice command button on the right side of the search tab and hum the song or video you want to search and you’ll get exact results.

Tailored for the Indian Audience

India is a huge audience for YouTube and all the tech companies.

By launching this feature YouTube aims to cater to the Indian audience as the Indian audience is more passionate about listening to songs and videos.

As of now, this feature is limited to some Android users only and soon be launched for the whole world.


In the evolving world of technology, Google’s Video platform YouTube is breaking barriers.

By introducing YouTube’s hum to search feature for Android users, YouTube has taken video search to the next level.

Share your views if this feature would help and enhance your way of searching videos or songs on YouTube. We are all ears to you.



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