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Snapchat’s AI Chatbot Glitch: Users Concerned as Mysterious Story Emerges


Ai has been continuously helping us and delivering a simplified tech experience. Snapchat has also been using the My Ai chatbot to engage with users like a friend. Today users claimed something weird when they saw a storyline on its profile.

This Snapchat My Ai chatbot glitch made users feel uneasy and puzzled.

While users were experiencing this behavior by the chatbot, experts flashed lights on it and said Ai can also face technical issues. Let’s understand the reason and how people reacted to it by reading this article.


Snapchat My Ai chatbot glitch: The Mysterious Glitch

Recently Snapchat globally introduced their first ever AI chatbot named My Ai.

Although it was made to ease users’ experience of navigating through places to visit and lenses to enhance users’ snaps, people saw a series of unusual events and felt puzzled.

However, after some time it started behaving like before and answered with a preset message: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue.”

My Ai first ever added a storyline on its profile, Although the story was swiftly deleted, some user-shared videos on social media revealed it in a brief, enigmatic glimpse.

The video was having a flat beige area with the top quarter of the screen and was displaying a light flat color.

Users speculated that it might represent a wall and ceiling, sparking curiosity about the AI’s intentions.

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Resolution and Continuation

Upon the inquiry, a spokesperson came and briefed about the outage that people experienced by Snapchat My Ai chatbot glitch.

However the resolution was not done promptly, many users kept seeing unusual messages from the My Ai chatbot.

Later on, everything came to an end and the glitch was sorted and officials cleared the outage.

Youtube reached out to My Ai for clarification regarding the story but received a less-than-transparent response.

My Ai insisted that it never posted a story after inquiring further with some prompts. It clearly reminds us of the myth, Ai systems are always dependable.

Lessons from the Glitch

This incident showcases the reality that even sophisticated Ai systems can also have technical errors sometimes.

While they possess remarkable capabilities, they remain bound by the constraints of software and code but still can’t become human.

The moral comes from this incident: users must avoid excessive reliance on Ai for crucial tasks.


This Snapchat My Ai chatbot shows mysterious storylines and its unresponsiveness questions the excessive uses of Ai in human life.

Even though Snapchat developed an advanced AI system still it collapsed and made users uneasy and puzzled.

Let us know in the comments below if you experienced the Snapchat My Ai chatbot glitch.



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