Apple Watch X
Apple Watch X

Apple, a large multinational tech company that is famous for amazing tech gadgets has always stunned people with its splendid gadgets like iPhone, Mackbook, Airpods etc.

Now most anticipated news is coming about a big move Apple Watch X Major Redesign. Let’s dig deeper into the complete guide and know what new apple is up to.

All set to Celebrate a Decade:

Apple is all set to celebrate its smartwatches birthday in a cool style named “ Apple Watch X”.


It is scheduled to arrive between 2024 to 2025 in the upcoming future. This news is getting hype all around since experts are calling it the best ever update we have ever seen.

Experts are relating it to the move Apple made while introducing iPhone X which came with many new things.

Apple Watch X Major Redesign: The Look:

Tech freaks and rumors are claiming thinner design and different bands can be one of the big changes in the Apple Watch X on its arrival.

Although it might be thinner and a sporty new band but here’s a catch: the bands we have used so far in older Apple watches won’t be fitting the current one.

This could be a pain for users since Apple never changed their bands in the past.

Cool New Features:

Apple Watch X Major Redesign comes with an all-time improved display and health tracking along with a cooler screen named microLED display.

This combination clears that we gonna have great ravishing looks inside. Another update is about its blood pressure tracking feature, which is just perfect.

These moves will impress the users as well as help them improve their health indeed.


Be tech-ready with the Apple Watch X – a unique concept with its Major Redesign avatar in the world of smartwatches.

With better looks, tracking health, and new features it’s something worth looking forward to.

As we wait for the final announcements and its arrival in upcoming years, it’s another milestone that going to enhance the human tech experience.

Do comment below on how eager you are about the biggest move from Apple.



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