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Snapchat Upcoming AI Feature: Dreamy Background Selfies


In the modern technology era, AI is being used everywhere. We are evolving and so is our usage of technology.

Snapchat, a known social media app that helps users take breathtaking yet beautiful selfies along with other features, has been enhanced with the help of AI. Although their My AI Chatbot created some controversies days ago.

Now Snapchat has pushed their potential to introduce an upcoming AI feature where users can add dreamy backgrounds to their boring selfies.


Let’s dive into the details and learn how it all gonna work.

Snapchat’s ‘Dreams’: Bringing Imagination to Selfies

Snapchat has been on an AI journey for so long and with an innovative feature called “Dreams”, the company is targeting to enhance selfies with their upcoming feature launch.

Snapchat’s researchers and developers revealed the feature and showcased insights.

This beautiful feature lets users upload their selfies through AI magic in order to transform them into imaginative scenarios that defy reality.

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Creating Fantastical Selfies with AI Magic

This feature is far better than usual AI image editors or enhancers, as it injects life into your selfies by adding fantastical and real situations.

However, this feature demands a single-person selfie without having other clear objects. With this feature, you get clear instructions from AI itself.

Moreover “Dreams with Friends” lets users take selfies with multiple objects and create a magical AI touch to selfies.

Exclusive Access: Snapchat+ and Dream Packs

Since it’s Snapchat’s coolest feature, the company has decided to put it into the Snapchat+ pack. Users will be required to purchase a Dreams pack within Snapchat in order to access that feature.

Although the date isn’t yet disclosed officially, the anticipation is at its peak with this innovative feature. Stay connected to know the exact date, once Snapchat drops any news about it.


Snapchat’s AI journey is at its peak with an upcoming AI feature: Dreamy Backgrounds Selfies.

This amazing feature is a new and creative thing, users are eager and waiting for it to arrive faster. What do you feel, would it be the coolest feature? feel free to comment below, We’re all ears to you!



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