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How to talk to girl free online chatting?


How to talk to Girl?

Through this article, I talk about How to talk to girl? we are going to help those people who love someone desperately but cannot speak to them. Here we will tell you the ways to propose a friend. These are the ways we have been told by our very famous Love Guru about How to talk to girl?

Now, how long to propose to the friend? below and try her method and propose your love and make your own different attraction. Friends! you will be surprised to know.

By proceeding, we are going to tell you a few things. Before making a proposal, make sure that the nature of the person who is going to propose a friend or boy. If he is a little shy, he should never Also in public, do not propose in front of any other people, they may be angry with you.


If that person is of an open mind, then you can propose anywhere from him, although girls do not like that someone proposes them in the open and in front of people who they do not even know.

How to propose a girl.

Below are some of our methods with the help of which you can easily know that to propose any boy or friend, you can propose with the help of the steps given below.

1. If you are going to propose someone, then it would be best to give someone a cute gift while proposing it and also take care that the gift should be the one you like, which you are going to propose.

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2. If you are going to propose a friend, then it would be better that you tell her a very lovely poem first and then propose that by doing this the friend will be very personal and will feel special.

3. One of the best ways is to propose by sitting on your knee, by doing this, the person in front has no other option than to say yes, if she does not, then she is sure that she will not refuse.

4. You can also use messages to propose, but keep in mind that it does not have much effect by proposing through messages, so in such a way you do not write your messages very well nor small and not big. Should not be there. While proposing through messages, keep in mind that your proposal depends only on your words.

How to express love?

See, we have told you many easy ways to propose a friend, so here are some of our selected steps, because of which you can know which time is right to propose a friend.

Make sure she is the one If you are going to propose to a friend, then, first of all, make sure that you really love her, so when you go to propose, then you should discuss it properly and make sure your mind Morale and confidence will increase further.

Sure you can say that he will say yes If you have increased your confidence, then make sure in advance that she will say yes or not, that is why whenever you go to propose, be sure that she will do yes and your confidence will increase and the way you propose will be right Will prove

Decide where you propose While proposing, keep in mind that you will say propose and how to do it because if you choose the right place to propose, then believe that your proposal will definitely be successful, so you choose a place where some work is crowded or There should not be many people so that their attention will remain on you.

Love tips.

By love tips, we mean that you will propose to whom you are proposing, that is, how is your style of speaking. Whatever you are speaking, the slow voice should not speak in a hurried manner, so that you Let your partner understand this properly

Decide how you propose. After that, you have to plan how you will propose because this is an important question because if your style or way of propose is a little attractive, for this you can see the proposal of any Hindi film, how it has been proposed and you can repeat the same scene in your real life. How you are proposing it is important that 90% of the proposals are successful.

Be prepared in your best according to the occasion and choice of place
If you have a dress that looks good to you or many people have praised you because of your nature, then keep in mind that you keep the same behavior with you and wear your best and favorite dress. And if you feel that your partner who you like and propose is the favorite color in their clothes, then you should wear the clothes according to their choice, which will have a positive effect on them.

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