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Nothing Phone (1) Starts Receiving Nothing OS 2.0 Update: What’s New


Nothingphone has captured tech enthusiasts’ attention with its cool look and features. While Nothing Phone (1) was running on previous software as per recent news it has started receiving Nothing OS 2.0 updates now.

In June month, the founder of Nothing, Carl Pei, declared that Phone (1) will start receiving this update, following the footsteps of the recent Nothing Phone (2) release.

Now Nothing Phone company has started deploying the updates to their Phone (1) users. In this article, we will get to know what’s new, nothing the phone is offering in this update.


Nothing OS 2.0 Arrives on Phone (1)

With a recent tweet from the founder and owner of Nothing, Mr. Carl Pei the news about the upgradation of Nothing 1.0 to Nothing OS 2.0 based on the Android 13 came to light.

Although the update is compact it is taking up to 1GB space. It promises improved and promising changes for a better user experience.

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Fresh UI Design and Enhanced Features

Nothing OS 2.0 comes with a revamped design for essential widgets such as Clock, Weather, and Quick Look.

Additionally, users will feel great by exploring an updated launcher grid layout with added flexibility in hiding app labels.

This update also introduces customizable folders with a variety of layouts to suit individual preferences.

Glyph Interface 2.0 is also updated as well. Now featuring the Glyph Torch that illuminates all back LEDs upon long-pressing the Torch Quick Settings tile.

This upgrade came with two new applications; Clone and App Locker. Apart from these new updates, some bugs have also been removed for better user experience.

Seamless Update Process

Users who want to step into the world of New Nothing OS 2.0 can follow a simple process.

Just navigate to system settings and locate the system update section. Press the download button and that’s pretty much it.

If the update is not available for your device, rest assured that it will gradually become accessible.


While a tweet from Carl Pei declared a new update on the Nothing phone, Every user is expected to be delighted by the new development.

Nothing Phone (1) started receiving Nothing OS 2.0 updates, is going to make users’ experience better than ever as experts suggest.

What are your thoughts on this update,  Let us know in the comments section below.




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