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New Update In Free Fire Game.


I’m going to talk today guys. About a game that is very popular right now. Many people play this game and there are many people like this. Also, know about this game. Many games have come and gone, but this game has become as famous as no game has been. This game is called Free Fire. In this new update that has come, you will get to see zombies like you used to see in the lobby before there was something strange that is not included in the free-fire character or will follow behind zombies and it will give you HP Will harm

It is an online game. In this game, you can play with your friend too, so if you play this game then I will tell you. A new update has come in this game, which many users will not know, then I will tell you. What update has come If you want to know, then read this article carefully and will be able to understand it till the last, because inside this article I will tell you. What is the new update?

Zombie Invasion.

In this, you will get to see a new feature that the map in it will be the same as you usually used to see, but you will get to see night mode inside the same map. In this, you will get a full night view, or in PUBG it will be completely different from night mode because the weather in PUBG varies. Sometimes it is the day, sometimes it is night, but in the free-fire zombies in Invasion mode, you will not see this way. It will already show the night season.


How To Use Zombie Mode.

You must have known that zombie mode has come into it, but I will tell you how you can use it. In zombies in the invasion, you will have some difficulty in seeing the enemy, but you will have a lot of fun in it. If you use this mode, then you must also be eligible for this mode, and then you will be given the feature of a zombie invasion.

If you want to activate it, then you will have the option of casual Bermuda on the top right. After clicking there, you will be given a new feature, named zombie invasion Bermuda. You can start the game after clicking on it.

How To See Opponent.

Like I already told you if you play the game in zombie invasion mode, then you will have a lot of trouble, but I will tell you. There is a situation for this problem also. If you stay for a while in this place then zombie comes on your face. By taking advantage of this, you can see enemies. If you find lots of zombies gathering somewhere then you go there. There will definitely be some enemies there, so in this way, you can easily kill any enemy.

So this was the new update that I told you about how you can play this update. I have given you complete information about this very easily, so I hope. If you have understood it, then you can also share it with your friend.

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