Gmail 10 Best Features
Gmail 10 Best Features

Gmail 10 Best Features You May Not Know.

Friends, if you use Gmail, then learn these 10 settings because it is very important to go to this setting. Very amazing setting.Because these 10 features are going to be very useful in your life. If you use Gmail, then it is very important for you to know, then today I am going to tell you about this thing in this article, so read this article with full attention today because this article is very amazing.

Gmail 10 Best Features How to Enable on your phone.

1. Send & Archive.

Go to General Settings of Gmail and go to Reply and click on Show ‘Send & Archive’ button. Now you can delete your working message with one click.


2. Canned responses.

If you have been repeated by typing the same message repeatedly, then the Canned Responses lab can save you time. Just go to Gmail Labs and enable it and type your message. Whenever you have to send the same message to someone, you can send that message by just clicking a button.

Gmail 10 Best Features
Gmail 10 Best Features

3. Unread message icon.

If you get a new mail, then a mark is made in the tab of Gmail but it is not known about the number of unsolicited mail. With the help of Gmail Labs, you can see the direct mail.

4. Auto-advance.

Gmail Labs has an auto-advance feature with the help of which you can go directly from a mail to a deleted mail or to an Orkive mail.

5. Custom keyboard shortcuts.

Who does not like shortcuts, there are some shortcuts in Gmail from which you can write mail more easily. You can see this shortcut by going to Gmail Labs. Click to go to the Gmail settings page.

6. Apps search.

If you use Google Doc or Google site and search application, the Gmail search gives you two types of support. Firstly not only you can search Gmail on the site but also search Google document.

7. Quick links.

There is also a quick link like the feature of Start Message and Multiple Message, with the help of this you can set all the options in the side of your Gmail which you need again and again.

8. Default Reply All.

If you are unable to reply to a lot of mail, you can set up an auto-reply in your mail. For this, by writing a reply mail, you can set auto-reply after going to General Settings of Gmail and clicking in Reply All button.

9. Preview external services in messages.

You can easily see the preview of anything in Gmail. Suppose someone has mailed an address to you, then to see its preview, you can go to Google Maps Preview Lab and see that address on the map.

10. Undo send.

If you have fraudulently sent an incorrect mail to your boss or someone else, you can undo it too. Whenever you send a mail, Gmail waits for a few seconds, this wait can be up to 15 and 30 seconds. You can set the time as you like. If you click on the Undo button at this time, then the mail sent by you will be canceled.

Note – So there is a very amazing feature about which I have given you complete information today, so read it carefully today and take advantage of the feature. If you like this article, then share it like Facebook Twitter, etc.




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