New Phone Dialer app
New Phone Dialer app

The Default phone dialer app won’t allow users to record the call without knowing the receiver. When you record the call then Google announces that “Your phone call is being recorded” and the receiver knows you are recording the call.

The receiver knows that you are recording their conversation on a phone call and they end the call. But you can use the new ODialer phone dialer app to record the calls without informing the other person. Read this post to know everything about this new ODialer app.

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ODialer phone dialer app

The new ODialer is the best dialer for users who want to record phone calls on their phone without informing the other. You are not only able to record the calls but also able to organize the calls.


  • Call management
  • Organized recent calls into groups
  • Quickly make a phone call with a Speed dial option
  • Manage contacts in one place
  • Record calls automatically and Manually

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How to use this app?

You have to download this new ODialer app on your phone. Open the app once your download it and grant permission to this dialer app. Now you have to use this dialer app to make a call to record calls without informing others.

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You can use the call management option to view your recent calls which are organized into groups for your convenience. There is a call recording option that allows you to Record your calls manually or automatically. You can use a dial pad to quickly make a phone call with the speed dial option.

There is a contact management option that allows you to manage your contacts in one place. You can mark your important calls and filter them for quick access recordings. You can also reply to your incoming calls with SMS without picking up the call.


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