WhatsApp Call Recorder app
WhatsApp Call Recorder app

WhatsApp allows users to make calls audio and videos to their chat. But it doesn’t have the option to record the calls. Currently, normal phone calls also won’t be able to record without informing the receiver. When you try to record a normal phone call, the Google phone dialer announces “Your phone call is being recorded” and the receiver knows you are recording the call.

But you can use the new WhatsApp Call Recorder app Cube ACR to record your WhatsApp calls. You will also be able to record normal calls and VoIP Conversations with the new Cube ACR app. This app won’t make the announcement Your phone call is being recorded.

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WhatsApp Call Recorder app Cube

The new Call Recorder Cube ACR app allows users to record incoming and outgoing phone calls. This app doesn’t only allow users to record incoming and outgoing phone calls but also allows them to record VoIP conversations. It also supports WhatsApp, Signal, Skype, Hangouts, Facebook, IMO, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Slack, Viber, etc to record calls.

Not all smartphone support VoIP calls recording so check your smartphone for VoIP call support. This app will automatically record every call on the user’s phone. They can also enable the recording for the selected contacts or create a list of people they want to always record.

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It has also the option to create an exclusion list of contact who won’t be recorded automatically on your phone. There is also a Manual recording option to record the selected conversations or parts of the conversations.

The Cube app has in-app playback to manage the recordings, play, delete, or export the call recording to other services or devices. Its smart speaker-switching option allows switching from loudspeaker to ear speaker to privately listen to the recorded calls when bringing the phone to the ear.

Users can mark their important calls and filter them for quick access recordings. It has also some premium features.


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