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Instagram Group Mention Feature For Stories To Launch Soon


Instagram Group Mention feature launch: Meta-owned popular photo and video-sharing social media platform Instagram is reportedly working on a new group mention feature that will allow users to tag more than one person in a story using a single mention.

This upcoming feature is set to revolutionize the way we interact with stories on Instagram.

Streamlining Story Tags

The new Instagram Group Mention feature will be launched to simplify the process of tagging multiple individuals within a single story.


This innovation will bring about cleaner and less cluttered stories, ultimately leading to an enhanced viewing experience for followers.

Adam Mosseri’s Announcement

During a recent update on his broadcast channel, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shed light on this exciting development.

He introduced the concept of a group mention, wherein a single mention can be reused by anyone within the group to automatically tag all members in subsequent stories.

Whether it’s a group of friends on a summer adventure or colleagues collaborating on a project, this feature eliminates the need to individually tag each person, making story creation a breeze.

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Optimized User Interface for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

In addition to the group mention feature, Meta is also rolling out an updated Instagram app tailored specifically for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices.

This version addresses the unique challenges posed by foldable screens, optimizing the aspect ratio and layout for a seamless user experience.

With navigation options conveniently placed on the left side, users can effortlessly explore the home, search, new posts, Reels, Profile, likes, and messages.

Enhanced Content Display

One of the standout improvements brought about by the new update is the enhanced content display on larger screens.

Reels now occupy the entire screen of real estate without the distraction of black bars, while navigating through Stories, and images, and the app itself feels smoother than ever before.

Advanced Privacy Measures

As part of their ongoing efforts to enhance user privacy, Instagram recently introduced a feature that adds an extra layer of protection against unwanted direct message (DM) requests.

This feature introduces two key restrictions for users attempting to send DM requests to those who don’t follow them.

Firstly, only one message can be sent to a non-follower, curbing excessive outreach.

Secondly, DM invites have transitioned to a text-based format, ensuring that users can only share photos, videos, or audio messages after the recipient accepts the chat invitation.


The impending Instagram Group Mention feature launch is poised to transform the way we interact with stories, fostering more engaging and visually appealing content.

With Adam Mosseri’s announcement, we glimpse a future where creating stories is effortless and inclusive.

As Meta continues to refine the user experience, the updated Instagram app for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold devices showcases their commitment to accommodating evolving technologies.

Additionally, the privacy-focused enhancements signal Instagram’s dedication to providing a safer and more controlled environment for its users.

As we await these developments, it’s evident that Instagram is committed to staying at the forefront of social media innovation.




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