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Twitter announces charges for Blue Tick – know all details here


Twitter has recently announced charges for Blue Ticks. Twitter CEO Elon Musk has tweeted about this new change on his official Twitter handle. Within a few days of buying the company, Musk mentioned that with this feature Twitter users can now get verified easily by making a payment for a Blue subscription.

Twitter is a popular microblogging app used by billions of people worldwide. This in-demand social networking service helps you reach a wide range of audiences with its Global popularity. Just after Elon Musk recently took over the company there was news about some major changes he planned to introduce to the platform. Know more details in this article below.

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Twitter announced charges for Blue Ticks

Twitter will now charge $8 which is INR 660/- monthly to users who want a blue tick indicating that their account is verified. According to the company CEO, this step was necessary to defeat spam accounts. Most Twitter users are not happy with this announcement as they feel like getting forced to pay for blue ticks.

However, at present, the company provides this blue tick symbol next to the username free for high-profile figures. Musk included that users will also get some extra features along with the high-priced blue ticks. The paid users will get priority in replies, searches, and mentions.

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They will also get the ability to post longer audio and videos on the platform and will see fewer ads. Along with this, the service will also provide users the ability to read ad-free articles, ability to edit tweets, and many more features. According to reports, the company is planning to remove the availability to access ad-free articles.

Additionally, a new option to bypass paywalled content to interested publishers will be provided. Musk added that he further plans to introduce a new revenue model for content creators. The report further mentions that the company will be adding a secondary tag for public figures in the future. This feature is currently available only for politicians.

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Twitter CEO has mentioned that the charges for Blue Ticks on the Twitter accounts will be different for various countries. It will depend upon ‘purchasing power parity. However, there is a lot of dissatisfaction regarding this announcement but Musk seems to be firm in his decision.

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