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How to Create 3D Social Media Images Using Microsoft Copilot, Know More


Microsoft’s Copilot AI App is creating a buzz in the tech industry, it is the beginning of a revolution and a new era. Now, you can do multiple works using AI, you can even create 3D images, illustrations, texts, and many such works related to digital media.

Last month, Microsoft launched its Copilot service as a standalone app for Android and iOS; previously it was available on Windows 11 and its Edge browser only.

Majorly, the Microsoft Copilot App offers the users a generative AI chatbot, powered by the newly introduced AI models, GPT-4 and DALL-E 3.


Developed by Microsoft Corporation, the app is now available to download on the Google Play Store as ‘Microsoft Copilot’, The organization claims that it will be ‘Your everyday AI companion’.

Let’s learn more, about how to create 3D social media images using AI App Microsoft Copilot:

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How Can You Create 3D Social Media Images Using Microsoft Copilot?

To create 3D AI Social media images using Microsoft Copilot, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Microsoft Copilot Application on your Android or you can also visit its website.

Step 2: Then input a detailed prompt, imagine, and input the settings and scene you want to create be it backgrounds, characters, and other details.

Prompt: Create a 3D illustration of an animated

character sitting casually on top of a social media logo “Name social media”. The character must wear casual modern clothing such as jeans jackets and sneakers shoes. The background of the images is a social media profile page with a username “name” and a profile picture that matches.

Step 3: Now you have to choose the platform you want to circulate. Microsoft Copilot helps you to customize your creations for different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Step 4: Now, the app will provide different options based on your details and prompt. Choose the image that matches your imagination and you want to share.

Step 5: Download the image and share your creation on different pages and social media platforms.

How Does Microsoft Copilot Work?

As per the latest updates, the Copilot app consists of some similar features unlike ChatGPT Android App, which was launched last year.

Microsoft Copilot App will allow chatbot interactions, and you can create 3D social media images with DALL-E 3, it will also help you to write emails and documents.

Not only this, but it will also provide free access to the latest GPT-4 model, usually you need a subscription to ChatGPT.

You can also provide voice inputs and add images and text on the app as inputs. So it makes it easier and more convenient to use in your daily lives.

Microsoft’s AI was part of its Bing search engine earlier which was showing a ChatGPT-like interface in search results. However, the feature is still there, but now Microsoft is promoting Copilot as a separate platform.

Not only via app, you can access it through its website, as well. The name of Bing Chat Enterprise has also been changed to Copilot.

According to the reports, there’s no iOS version of the Microsoft Copilot App is coming soon. Till then, to use the Copilot App features, iOS users can use the Bing app on their iPhones and iPads.


Copilot’s DALL-E 3 Integration Can Help You Create 3D Images & Illustrations

Apart from the textual inputs and outputs, Microsoft Copilot can be used for generating highly usable images with the help of its DALL-E 3 integration.

From creating logo designs, and custom backgrounds as per your mood and taste, generating social media content using the description you provide via image or text, developing brand motifs, building and updating portfolios, illustrating books to creating 3D social media images.

Copilot is capable of providing all of these using the DALL-E 3 integration.

What you can use Copilot for

Microsoft Copilot can be used for everything, unlike ChatGPT. However, Copilot consists of a lower input limit of 4,000 characters, which means it cannot be used to summarise larger numbers of text. However, everything has its pros and cons,  let us know what you can use the app for:

  • Copilot can help professionals in drafting emails, you just have to give it the right command and your email with the particular subject is on your screen.
  • You can write stories and scripts using Copilot. You just have to tell it about the genre and give some examples. You will get the best of ideas and suggestions as well as opening lines and editing.
  • Copilot can also help you to translate different languages, and texts and provides the functions of proofreading, using which you can also refine and polish your writing, rephrase the sentences and it will correct the grammar and spelling errors.
  • It can help you in resuming your writing career as well.
  • You can summarise the text below 4,000 characters in length.
  • You can also create itineraries, it will come up with an ideal travel itinerary that will give you the perfect idea of transportation, restaurants, attractions, and accommodations.


  1. Copy this Promp –

    Create a 3D illustration of an animated character sitting casually on top of a social media logo “name Instagram Facebook The character must wear casual modern clothing such as jeans jacket and sneakers shoes. The background of the image is a social media profile page with a user itxpavan88 up 26” and a profile picture that match.


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