Color Call Flash – Call Screen, Color Phone Flash Application.

This is Color Call Flash very cool Application Friends if you download this application on your phone.
If someone calls on your phone, then your call screen will be colorful and you will see an imaging video in it.

Introduction of caller screen.

Are you find that app?
Which is changed your caller screen? You want to do something different from your caller screen. Because now I am talking about the caller screen in this post. If really decided to know about this. Then, keep to read further. I writing about that which you till waiting but it’s time to wake up. Just changed the caller screen always in your smartphone in one click. Let’s start from hear step by step.


  • Includes 30+ Color Flash Themes to customize your Call Screen.
  • LED reminder for calls and SMS.
  • Not only is fast but also is bright.
  • Simple and easy-to-use, fast and small.
  • Battery friendly, Power saving.
  • Any important calls won’t be missed with LED reminder and Call Flash, even in the night time or silent mode.
  • The brightest flashlight.
  • Quick start, quick response.
  • Turn on/off a powerful flashlight, just like a real flashlight.

How to use the caller screen apps?

Be sure to download the call screening apps from the store first

Next is to grant the necessary permissions for the phone call flash LED light app to be allowed to operate on your phone

Choose the caller theme style and you love to make the caller theme screen or select the caller theme call screen for a specific phone number

Turn on the flashlight on call to help you not miss an important call.

How to download the Application.

You scroll down below you see download button and there you can easy to download this app.
And enjoy it after downloading.



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