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Valentine’s Day Special Week Celebrate on 14 February 2020.


Valentine’s Day Special 2020,

Every bond of the world is made with love, if there is no love, then there can be no happiness in life, in the same way, love is never expressed by seeing time or auspicious time, love is left unsaid, love is such a feeling The sea is in which even if there is a storm, then no one is harmed.

Renunciation of love is such a door of faith, which can be felt only, which is not easy to get into words. When such a lovely feeling is celebrated as a Valentine’s Day, then that day becomes a memorable day.

In life, when everything is love, it is very important to give time to this precious feeling and time is probably lost somewhere in this world of race, time is such a bird, which if left by hand, will not return Time comes and lives are captured only in beautiful memories.


On Valentine’s Day, everyone takes time out for their love, expresses their love, out of precious time, the most precious gift of life, given to you by the above, is obeyed. Everyone plans for this day and Valentine’s Day is celebrated not only on one day but throughout the week.

When Pastor Valentin was in prison, everyone used to come to meet him, give him roses and gifts, he wanted to tell everyone that he believes in love, but the day he was sentenced to death, which was in the name of loved ones. Happy is sacrificed for those who love valentines and begs to keep love alive, so from that day till today 14 February is celebrated as Valentine’s day in memory of valentines.

The Valentine’s Day festival runs from 7 February to 14 February and each day has been given a special name.

12th February Kiss Day -

7 February Rose Day.

It is called Rose Day, on this day we give roses to those we love, every rose has some meaning like.

8 February Propose Day.

It is called Propose Day, in which whoever loves the heart, proposes it, whose style is different, which he thinks of himself.

9 February Chocolate Day.

It is called Chocolate Day, on this day everyone gives chocolate to their love, thus sharing all the sweetness.

10 February Teddy Bear Day.

It is called Teddy Bear Day, on this day, the loved one gives gifts to each other, in which they all bring gifts for the person they love.

11th February Promise Day.

It is called Promise Day, on this day everyone promises to carry their love together. Remembering all the promises. They promise to fulfill it.

12th February Kiss Day

On this day it is called Kiss Day, everyone spends time with each other, makes each moment a memory, they remember each other and become one another in every way.

13th February Hug Day

It is called Hug Day, on this day couples express their feelings by staying together. They embrace each other with love and always feel like supporting each other, which will keep them tied even in difficult times.

14th February Valentine Day

9 February Chocolate Day -

This is the last day, which is called Valentine’s Day, on this day all the couples spend the whole day with each other.

In this way, every year, a week passes with his life partner, his special friend, his family, and his friends. Love is not an obsession of any day or time, but love is hidden somewhere in today’s race and in this way the pastor spends a few moments with all his people paying tribute to Valentin and adding them to his memories.

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