whatsapp web dark mode
whatsapp web dark mode

WhatsApp, a leading Android messaging app, recently underwent significant improvements, introducing a redesigned dark mode for its Android app. However, the WhatsApp Web interface remained untouched. Excitingly, recent developments suggest a forthcoming makeover for WhatsApp Web, particularly in the form of a new dark mode theme.

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The Dawn of Change

Just this week, WhatsApp initiated testing for status update sharing via its web client, hinting at broader enhancements.


Among these changes, Meta developers are actively working on refining the color theme for WhatsApp Web, aiming to bring it in line with the aesthetics of the Android app.

The anticipation is high, especially for enthusiasts of dark mode like myself.

The Visual Transformation

The impending dark theme for WhatsApp Web closely follows the recent dark mode update for the Android app.

Users clamor for a consistent look across all platforms, and this visual redesign aligns with those expectations.

While still in development, the new dark theme promises a subtle yet significant change, with a darker color scheme (#12181c), offering a more comfortable viewing experience during extended messaging sessions.

Beyond Aesthetics – The Improved Sidebar

In tandem with the visual overhaul, developers are revamping the sidebar to complement the new dark mode.

WhatsApp Web’s growing popularity prompts continuous updates, ensuring feature parity between the Android app and the web client.

This is particularly beneficial for users who prefer the web version, enjoying its versatility across various systems without the need for a native WhatsApp client.

Winding Up: Evolving User Experience

WhatsApp, despite being the world’s largest messaging platform, remains committed to enhancing user experience.

The recent introduction of pinned messages and username search in December showcases this dedication.

The ongoing development of WhatsApp Web’s new dark mode theme for the web client underscores WhatsApp’s pursuit of providing a seamless and visually appealing experience.

As we eagerly await the impending update, it’s evident that WhatsApp continues to evolve, ensuring its users stay at the forefront of messaging technology.




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