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WhatsApp Multi Account Feature with New Interface for App Settings


A giant in the real-time messaging industry, known for its smart features to improve user experience, WhatsApp, is making a significant stride. WhatsApp is rolling out a multi-account feature with a new interface in app settings.

This development is currently available for beta users only and will soon be released for all users after a successful experiment.

WhatsApp’s Multi-Account Feature

In the fast-moving tech world, where demands of operating multiple accounts within a single app have grown significantly.


WhatsApp with a great approach addressed this challenge with ease.

Now anyone can use multiple accounts within a single device by applying a few clicks in WhatsApp’s app settings. This move has supported simplifying user’s digital life.

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Redesigned Settings Interface

To make WhatsApp more interesting and best for users, Meta-owned WhatsApp has redesigned the settings interface.

Now you’ll feel app settings in various new and modern ways. The new interface aims to enhance user accessibility and provide a smoother experience when customizing app settings.

Managing Conversations Made Easy

To make account management simple along attractive, Whatsapp has developed a new interface.

Now users can navigate to multiple accounts faster and this development would help during such activities.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the hassle of switching between devices or using parallel apps.


WhatsApp has always been delivering top-notch developments to enhance user experience.

This time WhatsApp has introduced a Multi Account Feature with a New Interface in App Settings, which was needed to simplify the process.

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