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WhatsApp Instant Video Messages Features: Here’s How It is Work


One of the famous real-time messaging platforms, WhatsApp is continuously putting efforts to elevate your messaging experience. WhatsApp introduces a new update in instant video messages.

In this article, we will learn what’s hidden in this new update in instant video messages. So Let’s dive in.

WhatsApp’s Instant Video Message Update

As per a report from WABetainfo, Whatsapp has added a feature that allows users to send instant video messages.


Now it’s undergoing a transformation supported by an update that has been recently introduced.

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New Toggle for Instant Video Messages

The upcoming update which is currently under beta testing for Android ( and iOS (, will introduce a new toggle option for instant video messages.

As of now, this feature is enabled by default, but soon with the update users will have full control over it using chat settings.

Control at Your Fingertips

As per this update, users will get a toggle switch option in Chat settings in the new instant video messages.

It will give access to users if they want to enable or disable it. If you disable this feature it will remove the option to record to send video messages.

And, If enabled users will have the choice and flexibility to switch it to audio or video messages in a simple tap.

Enhanced User Experience

This update is definitely going to be splendid for users who prefer voice notes over video messages.

Currently, Users can use the microphone icon to video messages mode by tapping it. It will allow users to recover a 60 sec. video.

To experience it you can use the WhatsApp Messenger app.


We all know how hard WhatsApp is working towards providing the best possible user experience by launching groundbreaking features day after day.

Now this WhatsApp update to instant video messages will serve the premium feel, WhatsApp always wants users to feel.

What do you think about this move from meta-owned WhatsApp? Feel free to express your views in the comments below.




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