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Instagram Comment Section Now Support Polls: Report


Meta-owned Instagram is adding a new thing. You can now do polls in the comments. This is to make people talk more on the Instagram comment section supporting polls. Let’s see what this is about.

Instagram Testing Comment Polls

The Instagram boss, Adam Mosseri, is trying out comment polls. You can do this on regular posts and Reels. This is for people who make stuff on Instagram.

Talking with Your Followers

This poll thing helps people who make stuff on Instagram talk with their fans. They can ask what kind of stuff fans want to see. This makes fans happy and more likely to stick around.


There’s a picture showing how many people voted for each choice. We don’t know how long this poll thing will stay, but we’ll find out when everyone gets it, which is soon.

Making Instagram More Fun

Instagram is trying to make its app more fun and exciting. They already let you do polls in Stories. Now they’re bringing it to the comments. You can also reply to comments with GIFs. Instagram wants you to have a good time on their app.

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Wind Up

Instagram is trying something new. You can do polls in the comments now. Instagram comment sections now support polls and This can help people who make stuff on Instagram talk with their fans and make them happy.

We’ll see how people like it when it’s out for everyone. We’ll keep you updated. What do you think? Is doing polls in comments a good idea on Instagram? Tell us in the comments below.



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