Avoid Joining WhatsApp group
Avoid Joining WhatsApp group

Friends, today I am going to tell you about WhatsApp tips. You might not even know about it. Because it happens to a lot of people that they use WhatsApp. And anyone can join it in a WhatsApp group. You will have a lot of trouble with this. But now you do not have to worry. Because today I am going to tell you such tips. If you use this app, no one will be able to join you in the WhatsApp group. (Avoid Joining WhatsApp group)

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If you want to use this app, you can do it very easily. Because today I will tell you about these tips step by step in full detail inside this article. So that you also understand and you can also share it with your friends.


How To Avoid Joining The WhatsApp group, WhatsApp Tips?

If you want to use these tips, then follow the steps given below.

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  • First of all, open your WhatsApp.
  • After that, you click on three dots.
  • Then you click on Settings.
  • And you click on the account.
  • Then click on Privacy.
  • After that, you will go to the group.
  • And you will get three options.
  • Then you can use these tips very easily.

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So I have told you about these tips in full detail, so use these tips today.



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