Game Pass Games Xbox
Game Pass Games Xbox

Xbox Game Pass has truly come into its own in 2023, offering an extensive library of over 400 games. Despite a slow start in 2022, the value it provides has become undeniable, with standout titles like Starfield, Sea of Stars, Tunic, and Inside available for a monthly subscription fee ranging from $10.99 to $16.99.

If you’ve recently acquired an Xbox, here’s a curated list of 10 great Game Pass games for Xbox to make your holidays memorable.

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10 Great Game Pass Games for Your Xbox

  1. Pentiment
  2. PowerWash Simulator
  3. Tunic
  4. Starfield
  5. Inside
  6. Cocoon
  7. Jusant
  8. Lies of P
  9. Hi-Fi Rush
  10. Sea of Stars

1. Pentiment: A 16th Century Manuscript Mystery

Embark on a captivating journey in Pentiment, a manuscript murder mystery set in the 16th century.

Assume the role of Andreas Maler, a painter making decisions that shape the unfolding narrative in this visually engaging game.

The consequences of your choices add depth to the experience, making Pentiment a unique and immersive adventure.

2. PowerWash Simulator: Pressure Wash Your Stress Away

Indulge your inner clean freak with the PowerWash Simulator. Experience the satisfaction of eliminating dirt from vehicles and pavements without leaving your living room.

This game offers a therapeutic escape, allowing you to unwind by blasting away grime at your own pace.

3. Tunic: A Challenging Zelda-style Adventure

Discover the enchanting world of Tunic, a Zelda-style adventure featuring a cute fox protagonist.

While its charming aesthetics might lull you into a false sense of ease, Tunic presents challenging enemies reminiscent of Dark Souls.

Immerse yourself in stunning-level design, beautiful animations, and engaging combat mechanics that promise hours of entertainment.

4. Starfield: Epic Space RPG Adventure

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, a colossal space RPG, arrived on Xbox Game Pass this year.

Dive into a vast universe filled with adventure and discovery, reminiscent of Fallout and Skyrim.

Although it takes around 10 hours to fully unfold, Starfield promises an immersive experience, with ongoing improvements from the developers.

5. Inside: A Gripping Platformer with Plot Twists

Step into the world of Inside, a platform game set in a grim forest with a constantly changing landscape.

Control a boy navigating a violent world, encountering shocking plot twists along the way. Despite its short duration, Inside is a must-play for fans of 2D puzzle games.

6. Cocoon: Minimalist Puzzles with Complex Gameplay

Experience the minimalist charm of Cocoon, a puzzle game where you transport orbs to devices, unlocking special abilities and entire worlds.

With simple yet complex gameplay, Cocoon captivates players for five to six hours, offering a unique and worthwhile gaming experience.

7. Jusant: Climbing Adventures in a Tower

Embark on a climbing adventure with Jusant, a game from the developers behind Life Is Strange.

Traverse a towering structure, enjoying breathtaking vistas while maneuvering through obstacles.

Although laden with text, Jusant is a solid addition to the Xbox Game Pass library, rewarding players with a visually stunning climb.

8. Lies of P: Soulslike Combat with Pinocchio

Immerse yourself in Lies of P, where you play as Pinocchio navigating a Soulslike world.

Customize your weapons through a crafting system and make decisions that lead to different endings.

Fans of Bloodborne’s combat will find Lies of P familiar, offering a standout experience in the Soulslike genre.

9. Hi-Fi Rush: Stylish Rhythm-Action Brawler

Tango Gameworks delivers Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm-action brawler that launched into Xbox Game Pass with flair.

Land hits in sync with the music for a live-music feel, and enjoy a colorful visual style with animated 2D scenes.

Packed with pop culture references, Hi-Fi Rush is a stylish addition to the Game Pass lineup.

10. Sea of Stars: Nostalgic SNES RPG Vibes

Revisit the ’90s with Sea of Stars, a pixel-art RPG reminiscent of SNES classics.

While the story may take time to unfold, the beautiful pixel art, great soundtrack, and excellent battle system make Sea of Stars a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.

Wind Up

As you explore the diverse offerings of these 10 great game pass games for Xbox stand out as exceptional choices for your gaming adventures.

Whether you’re into immersive narratives, challenging gameplay, or nostalgic vibes, the Game Pass library has something for every gamer to enjoy during the holidays and beyond.



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