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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ban from 26 May? All you need to know.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are one of the most popular social media platforms in the would. But it is very sad news for the users of all these apps, Because on 26th May i.e. tomorrow all these apps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are being banned by the Government of India. Please read the post below carefully for more information.

Facebook Twitter on Instagram is likely to be shut down in India from tomorrow on 26 May. The reason for this is that the volition contain was being put on all these apps. This is the reason why all these App are being banned in India.

Why is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ban?

Let me tell you that, the government issued the notification of the new IT rules in 25 February 2021. The social media intermediary was given three months to comply with the new rules and its deadline ends tomorrow, i.e. on 26 May.


The social media platforms were also told that if any complaint is received under the new rules, it will have to accept it within 24 hours. Along with this, 15 days of indoor action will also have to be done. At the same time, if action is not taken, then the reason will have to be given.

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