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Apple featuring bigger batteries in its new model iPhone 14


It’s not unknown that Apple is trying out to increase the batteries performance of its iPhones 14. All the significant changes are usually not only seen in the numbers but also in the feedbacks they receive. The improvements in the battery performance has increased. The results are best seen in iPhone 13 Pro Max.

This phone beats every phone that the company release before. Many technology reviewers tested this with the help of all the flagships that were available in the market. If battery performance is a consideration then, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are one of the best smartphones.

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Apple bigger batteries in new iPhone 14

ShrimpApplePro has recently leaked some information. It says, as compared with iPhone 13, iPhone 14 battery capacity will be higher. But, there’s something that tipster has suggested. It says that like iPhone 13, iPhone 14 will have 3279 mAh battery, higher than iPhone13 – 3227 mAh.

It’s also worthy to note the there’s 18 hours of video playback on iPhone 13. So, in the iPhone lineup there’s a new phone set to debuted soon. iPhone 14 Max will have battery back of about 4325 mAh.

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Although its also worthy to note that battery capacities of the iPhone 14 lineup leaked as well. According to the reports, there will be a slight increase in battery capacity for iPhone 14 pro as compared with iPhone 13 Pro. iPhone 13 has a battery capacity of 3095 mAh which also supports 28 hours of video playback.

For iPhone 14 Pro, Apple might also be able to offer up to 30 hours of video playback. Its also said to have a better power management for this new device. Apart from this, iPhone 14 Pro Max will come up with the battery back-up with 4323 mAh. When we compare this phone with iPhone 13 Pro Max, we can notice that the battery back-up of this phone is low. iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with the battery back-up of 4352 mAh while iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with 4323 mAh battery back-up.

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Yet, it’s also important to note that these aren’t facts. All the information delivered rely on the leaked information about the Apple upcoming Products. This definitely looks real and obvious. But Apple did not confirmed on any of the information featured in reports.

It’s also worthy to note that Apple has never mentioned any figures when it comes to battery capacities. The company has always revealed it battery capacity by the number of hours one can use phone on a single charge.

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