change whatsapp theme color
change whatsapp theme color

WhatsApp, a widely used messaging platform, has recently undergone significant UI changes, introducing a range of updates and features. One of the latest reports from WABetaInfo suggests that WhatsApp might soon allow users the ability to change their app’s theme colors, taking personalization to a whole new level.

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WhatsApp to soon Allow iOS Users to Change App theme Colors

Presently, users can only toggle between light and dark modes on WhatsApp, lacking the flexibility to modify the iconic green color associated with the app.


However, according to the WABetaInfo report, a forthcoming “app color” feature in the iOS beta version will empower users to choose from five distinct colors, including green, blue, white, pink, and purple.

This feature will not only extend to the app’s interface but will also impact elements like the unread messages indicator and message timestamps.

Exploring Colour Customization in WhatsApp

The screenshot above reveals the anticipated five color options available for users to personalize their WhatsApp experience.

Additionally, there’s speculation about the potential inclusion of a feature allowing users to change the bubble color within chat windows.

It’s crucial to note that these developments are in the early stages of development and are not yet accessible to iOS beta users.

While the report focuses on iOS, the expectation is that Android users might eventually enjoy similar customization options, given WhatsApp’s history of feature parity support.

Wind Up

As we await the most anticipated movement where WhatsApp is soon going to allow users to change theme colors.

The prospect of changing the app color heralds a significant shift in WhatsApp’s user experience, granting users unprecedented control over the platform’s visual aesthetics.

As this feature progresses through development, it promises to be one of the most noteworthy updates in WhatsApp’s history.

The ability to paint WhatsApp in colors beyond its traditional green is undoubtedly an exciting prospect, providing users with a new level of customization.

Share your thoughts on this potential update and let us know if you’re looking forward to giving your WhatsApp a fresh, personalized look!



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