best android apps chromebook
Best android apps chromebook

Browsing the internet on a cool Chromebook is great, thanks to Google’s light and compact ChromeOS. The only downside is that Chromebooks can’t easily download programs like Windows devices. But don’t worry! The Google Play Store, Android’s main spot for games and apps, is here to help.

The Play Store lets Chromebook users access the top Android apps they love from their phones. Whether you’re into playing Rush Rally Origins or doodling with the Sketchbook app, you can do it on any Chromebook.

The big screen makes the experience even better. But not all apps work perfectly on Chromebooks, so let’s look at the best Android apps for Chromebooks that will make your ChromeOS experience awesome in 2024.


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1. VLC Media Player

One-stop shop for all video and music files.

VLC Media Player

  • Publish date: February 4, 2015
  • In-app purchases: None
  • Subscription: No
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Videolabs
  • Categories – Video players & editors

Most default media players on computers aren’t great. VLC Media Player is different. Trusted for many years, it’s not just a video player but also plays music.

It supports most media codecs and playback features, including subtitles. You can easily find and play your locally saved files.

It’s free, open-source, and has useful features like brightness adjustment and an equalizer. It might look basic, but it works well on Chromebooks.

2. Squid

Seamless digital note-taking with built-in stylus support.


  • Publish date: March 28, 2012
  • In-app purchases: $1 – $15
  • Subscription: Yes
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Steadfast Innovation, LLC
  • Categories – Productivity

Squid is the best for taking notes on a Chromebook, especially with a pen or stylus. It also works with a mouse or your finger.

Google worked to make it feel like you’re writing on real paper. Squid lets you export notes in different file types, and the premium version adds more options but isn’t necessary for a great experience.

3. Netflix

Top entertainment app with reliable performance and quality.


  • Publish date: May 5, 2011
  • In-app purchases: None
  • Subscription: Yes
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Netflix, Inc.
  • Categories – Streaming content

Netflix lets you watch its content anywhere, including on Chromebooks. It has a big library of original series and shows from around the globe.

The Android app lets you download shows or movies for offline watching. The quality is a bit limited, but it’s a great option for commuting or vacation. Netflix needs a subscription, but it offers affordable plans.

4. Adobe Lightroom

Powerful photo editing and management for professionals and hobbyists.

Adobe Lightroom

  • Publish date: January 14, 2015
  • In-app purchases: $2 – $120
  • Subscription: Yes
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Adobe
  • Categories – Video players & editors

Photo editing on a Chromebook can be tricky, but Adobe Lightroom proves critics wrong. It’s easy to use with standard editing features.

The app includes tutorials to help you improve your editing skills. It’s free, but a paid subscription gives you cloud backup and more premium features.

5. Bitwarden

The most trusted free option for password management.


  • Publish date: August 27, 2016
  • In-app purchases: None
  • Subscription: Yes (beyond core features)
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Bitwarden Inc.
  • Categories – Productivity

Remembering passwords is tough, and Bitwarden is here to help. It stores passwords and other sensitive info securely. The premium version adds 1GB of cloud storage and extra security features.

6. Google One

Google’s premium storage service and plans.

Google One

  • Publish date: March 24, 2018
  • In-app purchases: $1 – $250
  • Subscription: Yes
  • ChromeOS support – Yes
  • App Publisher – Google LLC
  • Categories – Storage and backup

Google One helps manage device storage and backups. It backs up your device data and helps manage Google account storage.

Different plans offer various benefits, and if you have a 100GB or larger plan, you can use the included VPN on your Chromebook.

Play around with the best apps for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are getting better, thanks to Google’s Chromebook Plus program. Soon, ChromeOS will be even more powerful.

Meanwhile, you can make your Chromebook web browsing experience better with cool extensions for Google Chrome.

Extensions like Dark Reader turn websites dark, reducing eye strain during nighttime. If you have many tabs open, use One Tab to organize them better. These small tools can make a big difference.

Keep an eye on ChromeOS updates. Google is always working to make Chromebooks better.

In conclusion, with these best Android apps and some exploration, your Chromebook can be a super tool for work and fun in 2024.



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