All Android Mobiles Secret Codes Latest New App 2019.


This includes the secret code of all Android mobiles Secret Code is a free application for all mobiles which allows you to discover the hidden functionality of your Android phone Mobile secret code free includes Android secret code of all mobile devices like Q mobile Motorola, Blackberry, China, HTC, Acer, Vivo, Xiaomi, Generic, LG, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Arecoso, Sony, Micro-Soft / Nokia phones, etc.

So, friends, this includes the secret code of all mobiles Then you will know further

  • Hard Rest Code
  • Forgot Password
  • Display IMEI number
  • Super Mode
  • Secret code of every functionality
  • Services menu
  • Factory Reset

Codes sim lock code
Network Secret Code
Code GPS Secret Code
Code Bluetooth Secret Code
WLAN Test Secret Code
Check usage statistics update

Engineering Mode
Mode GPS Testing Mode
Codes Touch Test Code
The original test device is original or copy
Timing battery check time
Machine Information
Phone’s display codes are locked, unlocked
phone check code
Ware Firmware Version Information Secret Code
Factory testing, PDA

Some of those codes may not work on specific devices, but you can still try them because their creator does not allow them. You can copy and share it with your friends.


Note: It is not an official application of any cell brand Before using this application, keep your data safe, if it causes any damage then we are not responsible for it So use it with a little thought.


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