How to record video in Background Mode
How to record video in Background Mode

If you are interested in recording video then this post is for you. You must have recorded many videos by turning on the phone? But have you ever thought that even after turning off the phone, video can be recorded in background mode. In this post we are going to tell about this. How can you record video in background mode? So let’s know about this.

Background video recorder App details

This app lets you to secretly record the videos according to your choice. You can schedule the salient recordings, mute the shutter sound, disable the flashlight and preview. When the recording will start or stop, your phone will vibrate or display the notification. This app also allows you to edit the videos, use the widget, set the night mode, video quality and more.

Background video recorder App

This app lets you to enable or disable the notification icon and camera preview to record the exclusive moments. You can set the recording duration, use the widget and carry on the recordings even when your screen is lock or you are normally using your mobile. This app is available in more than one languages.


How to use this App

  • First of all download this App by clicking on the link below.
  • Now install the App in your phone
  • Now you have to allow all the permissions¬† of this App
  • Enjoy this App

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