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YouTube working to develop a unique handle channel identifier for users


YouTube is working to develop a unique handle channel identifier for users. According to the available reports with this new feature, the platform is planning to make it easier for users to search for content and get connected to their favorite creators. This feature is reported to be available in the future.

You all know that YouTube is a popular online video-sharing and social media platform. Along with watching online videos the app also lets you create and upload your own videos. Being the second most visited website the platform keeps on enhancing itself with new features. Know the details of its recent announcement in this article.

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YouTube working on a unique handle channel identifier

YouTube is introducing a unique handle channel identifier for users. In this feature, you will be able to use a handle for your channel. Most of you must be knowing that handles are characterized by an @ symbol. If you have a personalized URL for your channel the platform reserves it as your handle.

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However, you can always change it if you want a different one. After the unique handle channel identifier is completely rolled out, it will determine that you are interacting with the right creator. It would be very easy as each channel handle is unique and appears on YouTube shorts and channel pages.

So now your subscribers and followers can easily find your posts and interact with you. This feature will make your channel instantly recognizable. According to YouTube with this rollout, it would be faster and easier to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions and etc.

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This will increase your visibility and help you reach new audiences. Earlier you had to fulfill certain conditions for a customized URL. You needed to have more than 100 subscribers. Now anyone with a YouTube account can choose their handle.

Unique handle for channel

According to the reports, in the coming months, you will be able to use this unique handle channel identifier on the comment section, mentions, and YouTube short videos. Still, there are several factors like subscriber count, overall YouTube presence, and if the channel is active or inactive.

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If you have not yet selected a handle for your channel the company will automatically assign you one. You can change it later in YouTube studio. The video streaming platform will send you an email and notification in YouTube studio when you are eligible to choose your handle.

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