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WhatsApp rolling out the ability to search recent groups feature to desktop users


WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to search recent groups feature to Desktop users. You all must be familiar with WhatsApp groups. One person can always be a participant in many groups on the app. With this newly released feature, you can now get the list of all your current WhatsApp groups having one particular group participant.

For this, you just need to enter the contact’s name in the provided search bar. The leading WhatsApp news portal has also shared screenshots of the feature. In the image, you can see that when you type any particular contact name, a list with the common contact will show up beneath the ‘RECENT GROUPS’ section.

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WhatsApp rolling out new search recent groups

A few months back the Popular Instant messaging platform added a new chat filter button for desktop users. With this role, Desktop users were able to filter their unread conversations quickly. This helped the users view only those chats which have new incoming messages.

Other filters like Contacts, non-contacts, and groups are also available when WhatsApp desktop is linked with any business account. According to the reports, the ability to filter your chats by groups has not been released to non-business accounts. So, the Meta-owned company is applying this ability to search recent groups feature right within the search bar.

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This feature will be very helpful to those who have joined many groups on WhatsApp. It will help them to remember the name of a group that has a common particular contact. Previously WhatsApp had released the ability to view status updates within the chat list only to some select web/Desktop users.

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Now the platform is rolling out the ability to search recent group features again only to some select Desktop clients. This new feature is available on the latest 2.2245.9 version of the app. However as the platform is rolling it out gradually, those who have not received it will get with coming updates. For more information on all upcoming new features and developments keep following us.

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