WhatsApp new Undo Delete Messages
WhatsApp new Undo Delete Messages

WhatsApp rolling out new Privacy Settings for Desktop beta users. It is ready to release a new update for the desktop client through the official beta channel. This will upgrade the version up to 2.2146.5. This new update will make WhatsApp account more manageable in WhatsApp web or Desktop.

Previously it had released WhatsApp beta for Android. More then just a simple messaging app WhatsApp has always been upgrading itself from time to time with its amazing features to make the user experience more exiting. Keeping it’s users needs in mind this time also it is ready with one more latest new feature. To know what is new this feature go through this article till the end.

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WhatsApp rolling out new Privacy Settings

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature this time. Previously an article had been published on WhatsApp Desktop Beta 2.2143.2 update, In which it was working hard on developing privacy settings straight within WhatsApp web or Desktop. Now WhatsApp is eventually ready to implement this new feature after delivering the new WhatsApp Desktop Beta 2.2146.5.

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You need to install the latest version to get this. After downloading, ‘Privacy settings‘ option will be visible in your WhatsApp web/Desktop. If you can see this feature, it means now you can ultimately manage your personal information. You can choose with whom to share your personal information such as last seen, profile photo, About. This also allows you to switch read receipts. This feature also allows you to select who can add you in groups.

At present WhatsApp is making this ‘Privacy Setting’ feature accessible to select Beta Testers. But more upgradation are on the line with the coming updates. So, if these Privacy Settings are nor accessible for your WhatsApp account, it is in process and will be available to you soon in coming dates.


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