WhatsApp rolling out chat lock
WhatsApp rolling out chat lock

WhatsApp is rolling out a chat lock feature to more users. The meta-owned platform recently released this privacy feature to its users that lets you lock your private chat in a protected WhatsApp folder.

Earlier this feature was already available to some WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users but now the company is widely rolling it out to more people. Here is how to lock your WhatsApp chat and other details of this feature.

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WhatsApp rolling out a chat lock feature for more users

In a recent update, WhatsApp has released a chat lock feature that enhances users’ privacy and security on the app. This feature is very helpful to safeguard your personal data and sensitive information from other people. When you add a lock to your conversations nobody can access them and even the notification for new messages of these chats remain hidden.

This means even if somebody gets into your phone or WhatsApp account these hidden chats won’t be visible to them. This feature was in testing so some Android and iOS users could use it before also but at that time it was limited only to a few people. Now the company is gradually rolling it out to more users so those who could not use this feature earlier can now use it.

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However, the company already provided such chat privacy features like locking WhatsApp accounts with fingerprint or biometrics and archived chats but this one is a bit different. With the new chat lock feature you can protect particular WhatsApp conversations that can be accessed only through a passcode or biometric authentication.

how to lock specific chats on WhatsApp

To apply a lock, go to the specific conversation and tap on the contact’s name. After this scroll down and tap on the newly added chat lock option. Then enable the ‘Lock this chat with fingerprint’ option. The company will notify you that your conversations will not be locked on linked devices so be careful while applying this feature if you have any linked WhatsApp accounts. Finally hit the ‘OK’ option and confirm your fingerprint or face ID.

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Being an in-demand application WhatsApp has to regularly keep upgrading itself with more enhanced features to offer a better user experience. The new WhatsApp Chat lock feature is one such extended security feature that will help you keep your private conversations safe and secure from intruders. You can even share your phone with any of your friends and family members without worrying if they open your WhatsApp.

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