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WhatsApp rolling out a new feature ‘Unknown Business Accounts for beta testers


WhatsApp rolling out a new feature Unknown Business Accounts. Just after the last update of WhatsApp beta for Android now WhatsApp is ready with a new update. It is rolling out a new feature for its users to get notifications when unknown business accounts try to contact us. To know more about this new update in details keep reading this article till the end.

WhatsApp rolling out the Unknown Business Account

WhatsApp was mainly started as a messaging app. But with time it has continued to add new amazing features in it to make WhatsApp more user friendly. WhatsApp still continues to update itself from time to time bringing new versions and presenting to its users. Recently it had released the new WhatsApp beta for Android update. This time it is releasing a new feature to more beta testers in which they get notified when unknown business accounts contact them.

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Now here a doubt may arise to many users that WhatsApp already had this feature as it
popped the message or we can say it sent us a notification when unknown people contacted. So what’s new this time? Actually this time WhatsApp is making this feature more enjoyable and pleasant for its users.

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The new unknown business account feature shows you a message at the bottom of the chat that the particular user is not saved in your contact list. So this allows us to either add the business account to our contact list or to block them.

Recently this feature is available only for definite beta testers on WhatsApp for android. So
also after installing the new version you might not see this feature in your WhatsApp account. In this case you have to keep a little bit of patience as more activations are in the line with coming updates.



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