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WhatsApp is set to get three features an edit button, an undo message feature, and other enhancements soon


Three new upcoming features has been announced by WhatsApp that is guaranteed to give secured and enhanced experience to its users. To give an easy and better experience for its users, WhatsApp is constantly planning to enhance while being on a constant run for constant upgrade and updates.

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About the features

For now, three very important features are under test by the messaging platform. It includes –

  • Edit text messages option
  • The undo button
  • The double verification feature

Recently, all these three features are under tests. It’s important to note that the edit texts capability has already been given out to iMessage users by Apple but Android users will have to wait a little longer. How does these features brings change to an app

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Edit messages

Mostly already sent messages cannot be edited but now with the editing feature brought by WhatsApp, you can now edit or alter text messages that are already sent.
At this point, all the Android users have only one option to delete the already sent text messages.

From straight five years, WhatsApp has  been already working and developing this feature. After the five years of halt, finally WhatsApp has given an official announcement to it.

Undo button

Along with the other features, even this feature is under development phase. The Undo button will assist the user in retrieving the deleted conversation.

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To recover a deleted chat, the user must select the “delete for me” option.
Many times when we send an incorrect message we try to correct it by clicking on “delete for everyone” option but mistakes happen. We accidentally click on “delete for me” and correcting out mistake becomes an impossible task. Of course, this causes a lot of trouble when the user click on the delete for me option.

So by understanding the importance and need for this feature, WhatsApp has came up with this feature where users can undo the actions and then correct their actions as well.
There’s a twist to this feature. This feature is time-bound. You will have to use this feature in a selected time only.

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Double verification feature

Security of application when you login through another smartphone is the sole purpose of this feature. If the user wants to log in into their WhatsApp account on another smartphone then he/she will have to go through double verification process.

During the sign-in process, the platform will ask for two security codes. Of course the codes will be sent on the same registered number. The verification code will be a 6-digit code number.

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