WhatsApp Missed Call label
WhatsApp Missed Call label

Meta owned messaging app – WhatsApp is constantly experimenting new features for the convenience of its users. Again, the company has came up with its new idea of missed call labels and redesigned Location Sticker.

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What’s about these new features by WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has observed testing support for a new iOS 15 API that shows a “Silenced by Do Not Disturb” label for few specific missed WhatsApp calls, starting with the new label for missed calls.


Firstly this feature is tested for iOS only and then after a successful testing and views, testing for Android will be carried out.

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How does it works

When the feature is enable in the iPhone with iOS 15 in its device, the label will appear for all those s in the WhatsApp history which were missed by “do not disturb” mode.

For example – See, if you have enable the feature of do not disturb at a certain time or at a certain location, all the calls that you’ll miss on WhatsApp will get silenced at that time or location. Later in the WhatsApp call history, this new label will appear separately.

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Eligibility for this feature

Of course you need an iPhone for this. Apart from that you should have iOS 15or above to run this feature. For now, iOS 16 isn’t available so ultimately this feature works only on iOS 15.

Moreover, the usage of this feature is only locally regulated.

Again the core benefit of this feature is that the one who is calling will never know that your phone was in do not disturb mode. It has its cons as well like your boss might think you are purposely missing his calls. But apart from work, this feature works great.

About redesigned location sticker

The testing of redesigned location sticker is carried out for Android phones. In the drawing editor menu, you will see a completely different sticker for location replaced with the green colored location icon.

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All these features mentioned above are available for beta testers as of now. The do not disturb mode is available or iPhone users with iOS 15 on Testflight. Apart from this, certain WhatsApp beta testers are currently testing the redesigned location sticker for Android.
It is expected that in coming weeks. There will be more beta testers available to test this feature before it makes a way to their stable users.

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