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WhatsApp introduced 7 features including the Status reactions


WhatsApp introduced 7 new features including the Status reaction this week. If you have somehow missed out on this week’s stories on WhatsApp’s beta Android, iOS, and desktop updates here is a summary. WABetaInfo has released this summary which contains all the latest information you need to know about these 7 features including login approval.

It is well known that WhatsApp keeps bringing new features on the platform to enhance user experience. As one of the most preferred messaging applications, it is continuously working towards more improvements.

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Last week the platform released a total of 7 new features including login approval and Status reactions. As per the reports of WABetaInfo, the Status reactions feature is the best news announced.

WhatsApp introduced 7 features

  1. Manage WhatsApp Storage
  2. Past Group Participants
  3. View Post Group participants
  4. Status Reactions
  5. Tweaked Version of Context Menu
  6. Login Approval
  7. community members to toggle phone number sharing

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1. Manage WhatsApp Storage

The first news of this week is about an advanced feature to manage WhatsApp storage. In this update, the WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo has shared a new concept about the ability to manage WhatsApp storage by deleting certain types of messages. This advanced feature will reportedly bring back an old feature from a different entry point.

2. Past Group Participants

The second news the leading WhatsApp news portal released this week is about a section that lets WhatsApp users view past group participants. The platform is reportedly rolling out this update to those who install the latest WhatsApp beta for iOS.

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3. View Post Group Participants

The third update WhatsApp rolled out this week is the ability to view post-group participants to some Android beta testers. The platform has included one more specification for the same feature. According to the report as you see on WhatsApp beta for Android Devices when someone leaves a group it shows up in the in-chat event. After this update now only the group admin will be able to see this.

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4. Status Reactions

The next best release of this week is news about rolling out Status reactions to some WhatsApp Android beta testers. This feature lets you react to other people’s status updates by using one among the 8 available emojis. According to the leading WhatsApp news portal, this is the best feature enabled to users this week.

5. Tweaked Version of the Context menu

The next update the platform announced about is a tweaked version of the context menu on the WhatsApp beta Windows platform. The platform is reportedly including the spelling action in this update.

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6. Login Approval

Another feature WhatsApp released this week is login approval. This under-development new security feature is said to add an extra – layer of security to your WhatsApp account. However, it will be available in a future update of the app.

7. Community members to toggle phone number sharing

The last news is about an option that will enable community members to toggle phone number sharing. With this feature, you will be able to choose who can see your phone number in any specific sub-group of a community.

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The company will be announcing more updates in the coming week. To get all the latest information on upcoming new releases of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, web/Desktop, and Windows keep following us.

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