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Whatsapp best 20 features in 2020


Whatsapp best 20 features.

Whatsapp best 20 features in 2020

Do you know all the features of WhatsApp? If not, today we are going to talk about this, you are going to tell about WhatsApp secret features or WhatsApp hidden features. In this post, I am going to tell you about 20 WhatsApp Features by alternating them so that you can understand everything better.

In this post you will get complete information about WhatsApp messenger and all the features of WhatsApp App will also be available. So let’s know about WhatsApp’s new features.


What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp messenger is a popular communication application running in the smartphone that you can use to send text location, voice message, video call a picture or video as well as live location. WhatsApp established in 2009. Brian Acton and Jane Coom. Both of them were former employees of yahoo.

Once Brian Acton and Jane Coom took leave from Yahoo’s job to go to South Africa, during which both of them applied to work on Facebook. Which Facebook refused to hire.

After some time Jane Koom bought the phone of Apple company and guessed that the applications market is going to be very popular in the coming time, Jane Koom started going to her Russian friend Alex Fishman’s house to talk about the same thing and he had a Talked about creating your application.

Jane Koom named this application WhatsApp over the word Whatsapp, used daily.

Now WhatsApp has become so popular that if you want to send anything, WhatsApp means two, WhatsApp has become the need of everyone, which makes our life more smart and digital.

WhatsApp features list.

Today we are going to tell you about all the features of WhatsApp. That is, we are going to give information about all the features of WhatsApp as well as how to use them. Know all the features of WhatsApp.

  • Whatsapp web.
  • Broadcast Whatsapp.
  • Mark as unread.
  • Privacy.
  • ┬áInvitation of WhatsApp group.
  • Two-step verification.
  • Started message.
  • Whatsapp status.
  • media visibility.
  • Payment feature.
  • Live location With this feature.
  • Request account.
  • Pin chat.
  • Clear replies.
  • Delete for everyone.
  • Read receipts.
  • Whatsapp Group.
  • Format message.
  • Group admin privacy.
  • In this call and video call.

So if you want to know step by step, do not follow the step given below.

1. Whatsapp web.

You can use Whatsapp web to use your Whatsapp on PC or laptop, or you can use one of your WhatsApp on another phone.

2. Broadcast Whatsapp.

You can also send your personal message through broadcast. Which will send the message in the direct member’s inbox? Using which you can message 256 people at a time.

Also, no member connected in WhatsApp broadcast can know who is connected in this group or how many members are connected. Also, which message is sent?

3. Mark as unread.

With the help of this feature, you can read someone’s message and unread it again.

4. Privacy.

With these features, you can keep your profile privacy according to you, that is, you can make settings of who can see your last seen, profile photo, about, status and live location.

5. Invitation of WhatsApp group.

you can create your group invitation link and on sending that link to a WhatsApp user, you can very easily join that group through that link through which any person can join that group.

6. Two-step verification.

These features are very good as security, which you can enable and keep your WhatsApp chat securely. Meaning if someone opens your WhatsApp too, then he will have to enter the verification code you have set as security. Then it will open.

7. Started message.

In this feature, you can put a message sent by your friend or relatives and group in a stared message or you can place an important text, video, image, audio clip.

8. Whatsapp status.

You can apply your photo video status which lasts for 24 hours. After that, it will be automatically deleted.

9. media visibility.

you can remove WhatsApp images or videos from your gallery, which means if any adult image or videos arrive on your WhatsApp then it will not be visible in your gallery. But they will be able to see that image or video in a file named private in your WhatsApp file.

10. Payment feature.

With these features, you can make online money transactions like another digital payment app.

11. Live location With this feature.

you can send the live location to your friends or relatives. In this, if you send your current location, your friends or relatives can easily reach you by following it.

12. Request account.

info With these features, you can take full information of your account, that is, how many details WhatsApp has saved on your server. You can download that and see how much of your information is uploaded on WhatsApp.

13. Pin chat

With these features, you can keep your favorite chat or group at the top of your WhatsApp home.

14. Clear replies.

These features are very useful. In this, if you send a message continuously, then we can reply to every message there in turn.

15. Delete for everyone.

With these features, you will be able to delete the sent message within 7 minutes, which will delete the message from the chat of both the sender and receiver.

Whatsapp best 20 features -

16. Read receipts.

By enabling this feature, you can read other messages without even having a blue tick, as well as if you send a message to someone, then your message will read so that blue tick will not be visible to you either.

Read receipts -


17. Whatsapp Group.

Whatsapp Group in which you can add Whatsapp users saved in your contact to a group and add all those connected members together like a text message, video clip, image, etc. It can be shipped very easily.

18. Format message.

In these features, you can format your message which will look beautiful in the text you send. You can format your text as follows.

19. Group admin privacy.

This feature has become very helpful for WhatsApp group admin, in which group admin can keep their group completely customize.

20. In this call and video call.

you can call and video calls online to anyone, that too absolutely free.

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