What’s Tracker- App Review

Curiosity is a part of us, especially when it comes to our social media accounts, we wish to know who and why checked out our profile or account. There isn’t any way to say the reason or to find the identity of the one who stalked our profile.

However, with technology taking the leap and moving faster ahead than we expected, on today’s date, we do have a robust application availability that can help one find out who stalked their WhatsApp, at least.

The best is that the application isn’t just easy to operate but is robust and completely agile. It comes with some amazing other features that have proved useful to its users.


What’s Tracker, it is an application that is building the gap between what we know and what we have wished to know for years.

Understanding how WhatsApp has been transforming the communication mode globally, the system used within Whats Tracker was a necessity of the time.

So, knowing about its availability and presence, why not get an in-depth idea and review of the application?

Go ahead and give the below-mentioned a read. It will help satisfy your curiosity about the app and help you decide whether or not you wish to download the app and use it.

Whats Tracker App

Who visited our profile, what they did do, what did they check (profile picture and status), etc., for all these questions, What’s Tracker is the answer for sure.

This application will help you know about the visitor/stalker or just an admirer. The application is completely free to use and get information that’s instant and precise.

The application works to scan the profile and provides instant information about all those visitors who found time to visit your profile.

You can even check these visitor profiles within the contacts, all in one place if needed. It also allows the user to engage directly by having WhatsApp chat with strangers and sending messages without having to send those numbers on the phone/contact list.


  • Allows to check the profile visitors.
  • View the time of all of the visits.
  • Check the profiles that have been visited through your end.
  • The application works without GPS.
  • View all the contacts in one place.
  • Smooth working with no lags/delays.
  • Works well on different platforms.
  • User-friendly and clean interface, which remains accessible for all.
  • Easy to install and completely convenient to use on portable devices.
  • Has a location tracker, which can help you check the whereabouts of your contacts.
  • It is a secure and safe platform.

Apart from the above, the application also has,

  • QR Code Generator and Reader
  • Barcode Reader
  • Direct Chat option

Whats Tracker- How Does the Application Work?

What’s Tracker is an amazing application that works round the clock, even when the user of the app isn’t using the phone.

Further, it updates the profile visitors list regularly. So, say goodbye to all the hidden stalkers or visitors; after all, you have gained access to the What’s Tracker, a goldmine within your fingertips to satisfy your curiosity.

As a convenient platform, What’s Tracker works to check all the WhatsApp Profile visitors in just one click.

It works like a safety tool to stay connected and remain secure. The platform is completely clean and user-friendly, so you, as a user, would never face any issues with the functionality. Additionally, it is one fun way to keep track of the people who have been keeping taps over you.

Whats Tracker- User Satisfaction Rating

Just like the benefits, there are also certain cons with everything. The same is the case with What’s Tracker, an application we have heard a lot about. To understand the same, the below-mentioned user satisfaction rating will help you clear your doubts about whether or not to use the application.

  • Around 65.3% of the users have had a negative experience with using the application.
  • Around 36.9% of the users have reported a neutral experience with using the application.
  • Around 34.7% of the users have had a positive experience using the application.

Now, even though in these ratings, only 34.7% of the users express positive experiences, the application is worth a try at least once.

Whats Tracker- Why is the Application Not Recommended?

What’s Tracker isn’t recommended for use as it remains against the law as well as against the terms of service of WhatsApp.

Always remember that as a messaging service provider, WhatsApp respects the rights of the users’ privacy, and the user of the application, without permission, is completely against the rules of the application.

In case you wish to know whom your message was viewed by, you will not have to download any software. You can just use the built-in functionality of WhatsApp for the same.

Whats Tracker App – Pros & Cons


  • Ease in use
  • Smooth functionality tool- has a lot of features.
  • There is rarely any lag. Even if there is, it is sorted soon; What’s Tracker is the heavy worker and has been able to stand to the time’s test.
  • The chat search and direct chat feature make the app the favorite of all.
  • Number search- some users reported it as the best feature, considering that it helped their life to be easier than expected.
  • The QR code reader is also a huge help, and it doesn’t come with any lag. It opens up the intended page faster.


  • Violations of Terms of Service of WhatsApp.
  • Illegal to use.
  • The app can be malicious.
  • The application can compromise the device or personal information security.
  • The design of the application isn’t good. Developers must remain mindful of the look & feel of the app considering its important functionalities.
  • The app design looks cluttered to many and requires restructuring.
  • There remains some lag within the bar code reading. The reasons can vary from the availability of the poor internet to coding rework.

Final Words

With all the features, pros, and cons, a decision can be made about whether or not to use the application.

However, at times, it is better to go beyond just the reviews and try something on your own. Even if the app might not work right for you, at least you will have an experience of the same.

So, why not give What’s Tracker a try today? Who knows, you might fall under the category of 34.7% of the users who had a positive experience using the application.




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