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How to increase Jio Net Speed.


How to increase Jio Net speed?

If you are using a sim of Jio and you are upset with your net, your net runs very slow, you are upset with it, you want to know how to speed the net with them, today I am going to tell you about all these things with the help of which You can increase your internet speed.

So if your Jio Net Speed ​​is decreasing due to the slowness of your smartphone’s settings and smartphone and the Internet runs very slowly, then you can increase the Jio net speed using our methods.


There can be many reasons such as due to increase of Jio users in your area, due to lack of Jio tower, lack of Jio range, etc. and other reasons due to the setting of your Smartphone and Slow of Smartphone.

Jio Net Speed.
Jio Net Speed.

What to do to increase Jio net speed?

First of all, it is very important for you to know. Why Jio net speed slows down due to our smartphone. Because this mistake is usually made by many people. due to which there is a decrease in Jio net speed.

Clear Cached Data.

When you use smartphones and run the internet. Then the Cache file is created which slows down. You’re Jio net speed so you have to clear Cached data from your smartphone.

Stop Running App.

If you are using a lot of apps on your smartphone. Then let us tell you that there are many such apps that start as soon as your mobile is on. And also use your internet due to which Jio net speed is reduced. Therefore, stop running such apps.

Multiple Apps use.

It is often seen that smartphone users keep many apps. Open from morning till evening, due to which the smartphone slows. Down and all these apps also use the internet. Which reduces jio net speed. Therefore, only open the apps needed and close the rest.

Delete Extra Apps.

If there are such apps in your smartphone that you do not use, then it also takes up the space of your smartphone and also slows down your smartphone due to which Jio net speed slows down, so delete such apps.

Mobile Sim Setting.

For running fast internet in Jio SIM, it is very important to have the correct mobile SIM settings after which Jio net speed increases, then let’s go how you can increase the internet speed on the phone by changing the settings of your phone.

How Do the Jio SIM Setting?

Jio Sim is 4G so use it in the first slot of your smartphone as most of the smartphones have the first slot 4G and Jio Sim works better in the first slot.

  • Check the Access Name Point or Reset it.
  • Select 4G in the preferred network type.
  • In-Network Operator, choose automatic select.
  • Check that your internet data is running from jio sim.

So, friends, you can increase the internet of your Jio SIM in the same way. Adopt all these settings and increase the speed of your live internet 2 times 3 times.

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