What Is Web Directory?
What Is Web Directory?

A web Directory is the webpages or websites database that is arranged in a way to facilitate the navigation. Such web address links, they get classified based on the specific criteria, like alphabetical order. It helps the users for searching the information in quite a specific manner. Now, it is all because of the internet and advancement, and it was the web directories which was previously used for searching the websites on the internet.

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The web directory remains applicable for industries or businesses. The links can even be applied to the retail, etc. There aren’t any definitive and clear topics or formats, instead, it is the web directories, they are broad and are very important for almost any businesses types. In case if you wish to use the same as yours and are curious to know more about the Web Directory, this article is for you. Go ahead and give it a read to know more about it.


Web Directory- How Does it Work?

The web directories, most of them list the websites by the subject, and this is why it is most often called as the subject directories. The real person, they identify the websites that must get included within the list based on per site. It means the entire directory gets chosen by the hand and not any software. The links collection is, in general, very small than the database of the search engine.

To add the content to the web directory, owners will be required to add title, link, or other information manually for anything they wish to include within the listing. Based on the working of the directory, the owner might any other website’s owner request for their personal site to be included therein. The submissions can be the free option or require payment, based on the directory.

When it comes to the website directory, there exist 2 ways for finding the content, i.e., search or browse. Such categories often get used for separating varied sites and organizing selections in the better manner, but there is also the search engine which is built in, and it allows the users to search the entire directory.

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Web Directories- Types Based on Typology

There are varied web directories. Based on typology, they are,


These directories allow all to include links in the website without the cost. There are paid directories too, and they are much more beneficial for the purpose of SEO as they remain less saturated and they also transmit a greater amount of authority, but the free ones, in that scenario, most of the cases are the opposite and the same can be even as the webspam issuer.

Now, there also exists a variant in the payment directories that are known as the bid directories, where the payment method gets used for defining visibility that the website would have in the directory.


There exist varied directories that remain free. However, in exchange for including the website therein, they ask for the link to the same. It is known as the reciprocal directories. In general, these are highly relevant than the non-reciprocal directories.

Geographical Area

If the web directory includes the web pages from a given geographical region, it is the local directory. However, if there isn’t any geographical limitation, it is called as the global directory.


The directory that isn’t specialized in any of the topics is called as the general directory but in the opposite case, it is called as the thematic directory. The thematic directories are as different as the disciplines, and one will be able to find therein the directories for the health, shopping, tech, etc. In such thematic directories, there are also highlighted academic directories which remain focused upon some subjects as a support for the teaching or the research processes.

Web Directories- Advantages 

There are certain advantages associated with the web directories. They are,

  • The users can transit the authority, at a certain level, to the website.
  • There are included descriptions of the websites therein.
  • Classified information is presented through them.
  • Websites by the theme are organized therein.
  • They offer better visibility to the websites.

Web Directories- Disadvantages

Certain advantages associated with the web directories are,

  • In most of the cases, the web directories do not provide any representation of the significant benefit of increased traffic to the websites.
  • They usually do not get updated often.
  • The database remains to be way too small than what is there on the search engines.
  • Descriptions provided therein about the websites, they usually are general and do not carry the detailed information.
  • Most of these directories are disused.

Web Directory- How is it different from the Search Engines?

Now, both of these, they find the content through the web, one difference here is that the links, they are discovered by the search engine that is gathered automatically, and in the case of the web directory, it involves the humans who add the links.

Web directory results remain an easily digestible list of the links that are organized in the common categories. The directory, it makes it very easy for finding the websites by the subject, and the search engine, on the other hand, remains useful to find the websites through the keywords, audio, etc.

Apart from the above, the web directories remain to be personal, and they can get biased based on the feelings of the owner. Most of the search engines, they are way powerful and wide-reaching. The search engine, which locates the people, it is yet another example of the resource, which the directory wouldn’t be capable to offer.

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Should One Join the Web Directory?

As you know the basics about the web directory, you must be wondering if or not you should add the shop to these. Well, the answer is that yes, you must. To find directories that will be able to cater to the specific topic or the niche, it will only guide the customers towards the products offered by you.

Further, to be added to the web directory, it can improve the SEO. To say, the link to the shop of yours, it will be considered as the incoming link or the backlink. Just make to opt for the reputable directory that got created for helping out the users for finding what exactly they are looking for. Also, remember that the Spammy directories’ backlinks can harm the shop’s visibility on the search engines. So, make a wise choice and get better results.



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