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What is the Pink WhatsApp? Beware! WhatsApp Pink is a virus, don’t click on it:


As you know WhatsApp has become the most popular massaging app in the world. Today, billion of people use WhatsApp. A link is being shared these days on WhatsApp. In this link, it is claimed that with the help of this link WhatsApp users can change their WhatsApp theme to pink color.

According to cyber security experts, this link is a kind of virus, with the help of which cybercriminals can hack your smartphone and take it under their control.

Along with this, with the help of this virus, hackers can also hack your WhatsApp account. Here we are giving you complete details about WhatsApp Pink Scam.


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What is the pink WhatsApp?

Pink WhatsApp is a virus, this is a very harmful for Whatsapp users. With the help of this virus, hackers completely hack your WhatsApp account. Not only this, this virus is also hack your parasnol data, like, videos, photo’s, contact’s.

Hackers share a link on Whatsapp, As soon as WhatsApp users click on this link, they reach the APK download page. The design of this APK page is such that users feel that they are updating their WhatsApp officially.

This does not let the user know that they are downloading the APK app which contains the dangerous virus. As soon as the users install this app in their phone, the hackers get access to your phone.

Beware of Whatsapp Pink. On Whatsapp you can get a message called Whatsapp Pink which will have a link. Do not click on that link at all. By doing this you will give full access of your phone to the hacker. So please Be careful and share this information with everyone.

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