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What Is Mind Mapping In Design Thinking?


Be it brainstorming of the new concepts for the products or evaluation of the new feature idea when deciding on the product design, taking notes at times gets out of the hand. With it, one can end up with the scribbled pages that often become way more confusing, instead of helping. However, using the mind maps would be the great way for organizing the thoughts in a productive manner. But when planning to use it, the question that comes to head is, what exactly is the Mind Mapping?

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Mind Mapping, it is the useful tool that gets utilized for analyzing of the data algorithms which operated in varied design industries. It is one of the approachable mechanisms for the communication of the ideas imagined.


Further, the mapping effectiveness, it can get increased with the use of the right image, the creative analysis, and the problem-solving analysis. For improving the product frame, there will be a requirement for gathering a multitude of the information as well as structuring the same for getting product clarity.

Concerning the above, this article will provide the insights into the vital aspects of the mind mapping within the design thinking.

Mind Map- What is it?

Mind maps, they are called the spray diagrams and the spider diagrams due to the way the same look. Such a method and the term of mind map, it started to gain popularity in the 70s’. However, the use of such diagrams that can provide the visual map information, it existed even long before this year.

As the mind maps remain 2-dimensional within the structure, it shows the shape of the object, each point’s relative importance, and how facts get related to one another. To be able to see all of the same in just one place, it helps in reviewing the information efficiently, to remember it with clarity, and for improving the creative way of solving the issues.

Mind maps, they remain effective as they can leverage the mind’s natural tendencies for thinking visually and for understanding the subject by simple associations. Even most of the abstract thinkers, they remember the images much better than the other information types. The mind maps, they are very flexible in nature. They get used for conveying varied information, steps series, the hierarchy of the information, or the random thoughts which exist around the specific subjects.

Design Process- What is it?

The design process, it produces the user-friendly goods. It does by identification of user demands and by laying out a clear path before the work begins on original products. It just follows the procedure, which can help in understanding some of the protocols for the enhancement of the ideas by proper research, figuring out design specifications, assessment of the viability, to get the draft version of the original product, doing the comprehensive design, and also the designing tools.

Be it the engineers or the designers, they employ the design process for carrying forward enriching ideas by product examination. When learning about the field intended, designing remains to be a respectable skill. The design approach, it remains primarily focused on solving problems and the abstract concepts from the situations that are encountered within real life.

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Design Thinking Process- Steps

There are 5 steps to design the thinking process, and for building any user-friendly product, such steps are important for connecting dots. The steps are,

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype and
  • Test

Mind Mapping within the Design Thinking Process 

Mind Mapping, it is the design tool which remains focused majorly on capturing the viewpoints of the designer. Within the design process, the facilities of mind mapping with the selection of one idea from the ideas pool and then increasing product solution-specificity.

In order to make the mind map,

  • Pick the templated based on the purpose of the business.
  • Choose a design for the specific lines, colors, and the shapes.
  • Focus upon central ideas based on the user’s needs.

Using Mind Maps within Product Design 

Mind mapping, it is a structure to handle data and to create dignified user products using products along with the proper material and research. Features must get mapped before prototyping and wireframing for creating solutions. Further, the above-mentioned steps, they make up the exhilarating stages trinity.

When understanding the subject, the mind maps, they can get used anytime within the research phase for the product design process. Within the process, mind mapping gets used for exercise during the stages of empathizing, defining, and also ideating.

Further, when the designers begin a new project, all within the product team have a fuzzy idea of what exactly the project must be. With the use of mapping out, it would help all to have the clarity to ensure that when wireframing an app, the team gets a clear picture of what to build, what main sections are, what features to be added, how features would interact with the system, etc.

Most often, mind mapping exercises will be the perfect help for the team in discovering a lot that hasn’t been thought of or which needs a decision. It would also be a time for the designers to think of problems to be solved and if or not the system to be designed would solve problems. To jump straight for wireframing/prototyping would cause the team for getting lost within details to play around with UI elements and the text when trying to figure out the system architecture while it goes ahead.

Using Mind Maps- How to do it?

Designers/engineers, they must follow the reasons that have been listed below for constructing the mind map with the goals.

  • Choosing a central keyboard.
  • Write components that are related to the central keyboard.
  • Breaking components into the sub-components.
  • Collecting relevant data that surrounds the primary term for the deeper amount of product knowledge.

Tips of Mind Technique

  • A short map will be able to provide a lot of information.
  • Maps multitasking on same canvas on the demand of the user needs.
  • By indicating the hierarchy within the map, the designers can start to create the wireframes quickly.
  • Try not to limit brainstorming. Make sure to collect the undesirable and the useful ideas as they hone the best ones.

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 Final Words

Begin the career, learn a lot, try mind mapping, and do amazing tasks in an easier way. With the ease and experience the process would offer, it will be hassle-free and wouldn’t complicate tasks. Believe it when it’s said, this is one of the best ways to move ahead. So, why wait, and why not try it from the start?



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