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What is GB WhatsApp and how to use it in android smartphone 2020?


What is GB WhatsApp and how to use it?

If you do not want to know how to use GB WhatsApp, then you have come to the right place. Because today I am going to tell you how to use GB WhatsApp? What is GB whatsapp app

How to download GB WhatsApp will also know you today through this post. And we will tell you this is a very simple way.

Friends, everyone uses WhatsApp today. It has become a part of our life. Through this, we stay connected with our friends with relatives. In today’s time, everyone has a mobile and everyone uses WhatsApp on their mobile.


If you also have an Android phone, then you can run WhatsApp on your phone. Today it has become the most popular app to stay in touch with anyone. Almost everyone is using WhatsApp today, today we will tell you about a new version of WhatsApp.

So, friends, you know When to download WhatsApp If you also want to run it in your mobile, then read this post from beginning to end. Only then you will be able to get complete information about it.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a new version of WhatsApp itself. In this, you get a lot of new types of features, which you did not get in the WhatsApp.

Its value is some function at the time of WhatsApp. GB Whatsapp has become very popular now. And many people have started using it. It has become more famous due to its new Feature Status.

Who created GB Whatsapp?

Programmer and Developer of GB Whatsapp Mr. Omar. It provides all the features of GB Whatsapp. We also know GB Whatsapp by the name of Ogmods.

How to download GB WhatsApp?

Friends do not want to download GB Whatsapp or follow the step given below and download GB Whatsapp.

  • First, you download this app by going to the play store.
  • Install it after downloading it.
  • After installing, open this app. Now you can use it.

How to use GB WhatsApp?

You have downloaded GB Whatsapp. But how to run this app, we are telling you further.

Open app. First of all, open this app on your mobile.

  • Chats – Now you will see the option of Chats. With this option, you can message any of your WhatsApp friends.
  • Status – In this option of GB Whatsapp, you can apply any kind of status. And know that you can put a 30-second video on your status. Or can also put some kind of photo. You can also apply up to 30 status in GB Whatsapp. This option is the best option for GB Whatsapp.
  • Calls – You can see in the calls who made the video call to you. And who has made a voice call, and if you have also called someone, then that too will be seen in it.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp.

There are many benefits of using GB Whatsapp. So, know about its benefits.

  1. If you send a message to someone and if you want to delete the message that the message in front of you is unable to read, then you can also delete the message that you have made.
  2. you can use 250 words to write your status. While the former could use only 139 words in WhatsApp.
  3. In this WhatsApp,p you can do both voices calling and video calling.
  4. You also have the advantage that you can send files and data of more than 30 MB in it. Whereas in old WhatsApp, only 20 MBfilese could be sent.
  5. You get very good features in it. And it is being used more because of its features. So, know about its best features.
  6. In GB Whatsapp, you can create a broadcast of 600 contacts, whereas in original WhatsApp you could create a broadcast of only 250. In this, you can send 90 images simultaneously, in the original WhatsApp, only 10 images were sent.
  7. Calls can also be disabled for specific contacts. And for Specific Contact, Last, Seen can also be hidden.
  8. You can also download the color theme for your GB Whatsapp. And you can apply different types of color themes. Whereas the original WhatsApp only had a white theme.
  9. In this, you can also hide blue ticks.
  10. It can send 30 MB of video, whereas the original could only do 16 MB in WhatsApp.
  11. You can also set a pin lock on personal chats so that no one can read it.
  12. And You can also do Auto-Reply in it. You can set Auto Reply when you are Busy.
  13. Also, you can use 16 new icons for message notification.
  14. You can keep up to 600 contacts in GB Whatsapp. Whereas WhatsApp could have only 250 contacts.
  15. You can also edit the image before sharing it.

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