Vani -Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer -

Vani -Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer.

Answer all your incoming calls without touching the screen.

Today I am going to tell about this application, which is a very amazing application, a very amazing feature that has been given in this application.

Answer incoming calls without touching the screen while your hands are busy or driving in your car
Vani is capable of speaking out the caller name and by voice recognition, you can choose to answer or reject the call.

Your Assistant makes it fast and easy to stay connected to those who matter most. Make outgoing calls just by your voice.
Just long-press the dial-pad icon in the call log screen and say the contact name.

This is the best voice call dialer app. Fast app to speak and call. easy and smart contacts dialer who helps in voice dialing and making calls. Voice call dialer is a simple app that enables voice dialing or calls on an Android smartphone.

Voice Assistant Call Answer -

Protect yourself from spam and anonymous phone calls with our caller ID feature.

Cal. Call blocker function gives you an option to block unknown or spam callers. You can update the database of spam calls in Call Block List. Never get harassed by spam calls.

It is a very helpful voice assistant, especially in situations when we want to call someone from the phone contact list but our hands are busy, for example, while driving a car. With voice dialer hands-free calls are easy to make, all you have to do is speak the contact name aloud.

App Features.

Voice Assistant Call Answer

You can also customize your own words -Like – Hello, Sorry, Good,

Automatically pick first voice search results and make calls.

You can access all and favorite contacts.

You can directly send a message or add a number to contacts.

How to download the applications?

If you want to download this application without wasting time then a link is given below. Click on it and easily download this application. Enjoy after downloading.



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