how to increase LIKES on the Facebook -
how to increase LIKES on the Facebook

Top 10 ways how to increase LIKES on Facebook

Friends, if you do not want how we can increase the likes on the Facebook page, You will be disturbed by how you will increase the information. Today I am going to give the same trick, With the help of which you can increase the likes on the Facebook page.

Top 10 ways how to increase LIKES on the Facebook page?

How to increase likes on Facebook page – If you want to increase traffic to your website through Facebook, then you have to increase the likes of your Facebook page.


In today’s time, Facebook is a very popular social media platform where everyone spends maximum time in their daily routine. Today, more than 5 billion+ people use Facebook.

why increase the like on the Facebook page?

If you have an online business and you want me to get a lot of traffic from Facebook because there are many people active all the time. So you have to first create a Facebook page and then increase the likes or followers on that page.

But yes in the market, you will find many articles and videos that will also tell you about automating likes, that you just register on any website and we will come to your Facebook page in thousands of likes in no time. All such methods are very wrong. There will be no profit for your business because all the likes which come on your Facebook page in these ways are all fake likes.

One thing must be kept in mind if you want that the same people come to your website, which is less than required for your product or service so that your conversation rate is increased, then you will have to invite similar people on the Facebook page about your industry. be interested Because, with the arrival of 1000 random people, it is good that 10 loyal users come to your platform and talk about work.

I sincerely hope that you must have understood. And in this special post today, I am going to tell you 10 top ways how to increase likes on the Facebook page.

How to increase likes on the Facebook page. -
How to increase likes on the Facebook page.

How to increase likes on the Facebook page.

If you want people to like your Facebook page then you must first make your Facebook page attractive and informative.

Now, how can you make your Facebook page attractive and informative, I tell you below.

1. Set username.

Make sure to set the username of your Facebook page, because anyone can access you by searching for you on Facebook itself, and always keep the username of your Facebook page by the name of your website.

2. How to Add a Facebook page to Blog.

How to Add Facebook page to Blog. -
How to Add Facebook page to Blog.

A great way is to add a Facebook page to the block. To increase the likes on your Facebook page, add a Facebook page widget to your blog or website in the sidebar or footer and connect it to your Facebook page. Apart from Facebook, people who come to your blog or website through Google or through someone else, then they will show your Facebook page and those people will be on your face page will also.

3. Post quality with regular and schedule.

Very good and the way is to regularly post likes on your Facebook page, if you have thought that if you post every 1,2 day on the Facebook page, then post it under any circumstances. Second, post at a fixed time like you have to post two posts of the day, then see at what time people are more and more active on Facebook. Like around 4 or 5 o’clock in the evening when people have almost finished all their important work and can do it during the day.

And thirdly, the post you want to enter is to be related to your industry first, but you have to publish more posts above the trending topic which is running in your industry in current time and people are searching more about it. And whenever you put a post on the Facebook page, then use the popular hashtag related to it.

Also, Facebook people usually like entertainment and posts like Motivation more, so posts like Motivational Shayari or you can post interesting and trending posts related to your topic.

4. Connect with the Facebook page of the Same Industry.

Like the big Facebook page related to your industry and also comment on their posts through your Facebook page so that their users can see your comment and like your page, but keep in mind that the comment is only related to the topic, not spamming. Do it

5. Always use more infographic image posts.

Whenever you post a post on your Facebook page, do not use simple text or just images in it, but an infographic means that a post that contains images as well as text, post the way that people have been seen in many surveys This type of post is very much liked on social media.

6. Try to make a personal connection with people on Facebook.

When they run Facebook, they use their heart more. So you must have noticed this thing that the same content is liked more on Facebook which is not more informative but entertaining.

So whenever you create a Facebook page, try to connect with people on Facebook in a similar way, publish your post in the same way or talk with people about their need first on Facebook and then how you Tell them you can fulfill them. With this, people will not only like your Facebook page but will also be connected with you forever.

7. add a profile and cover photo.

After creating a Facebook page, first of all, you have to upload the logo of your website in your profile photo if you are creating a business or an organization’s Facebook page. And if you are creating a celebrity Facebook page, then you have to add a nice closeup photo of that celebrity.

Apart from this, you also have to add a cover photo to your Facebook page which is very attractive as well as adjust the content in it in such a way that what your business is about, people should know by seeing that cover photo.

8. Invite friends.

Second, the best way to increase the likes on your Facebook page is to first add people on your Facebook account who like your industry, which means their interest is also in your business, then you should make them all on your Facebook page You have to invite to like me and I tell you with guaranty that you will have genuine likes for very less time. But keep in mind that you do not add more people to a limit so that there is no spamming.

9. How to Promote the Facebook page on all other platforms?

Your Facebook page will be on all other platforms like your website or your youtube channel, tell the people in your video to follow you on Facebook as well and whenever you mail someone related to your business, there Also add a link to your Facebook page.

10. Do post the video on the Facebook page.

Video content is liked by more people than any image or simple text content, so apart from an image post or infographic post, make a video post on your Facebook page, this will also increase the likes on your Facebook page.

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